Editor's Note:

As the heat of the summer months continue to affect our daily fashion choices, BE-Style will continue to give advice on proper ways to enhance your beauty and make the right decision as it relates to your fashion and beauty options. As we continue to provide the resources to assist in your fashion or trends selection, it should result in far less fashion faux pas being made on the daily. There are so many places to purchase the latest trends of the season – your local boutiques, major retailers, thrift stores, and the ever-growing presence of exclusive online boutiques. RueLala.com has made insurgence in the online retail business and offers an exclusive assortment of designer apparel. In speaking with acclaimed makeup artist, Mel Hunter, she speaks about her journey to realizing her dream in Atlanta as the premier artist to the stars. Mel also advises our readers on the proper application for summer make up and shadows. Kesh Monroe, the creative mind behind Diamond Wayz, will share the importance of believing in one’s talents and diversifying skills to set you apart from others in the industry.

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