Editor's Note:

This time of year culminates many annual events for colleges and universities around the world. BE-Style was on location to appreciate the talents of many students throughout the Southeast Region. The creativity of SCAD graduates were depicted in the Annual ReThreaded Fashion Show and ReDeSign art Exhibit during the Savannah Urban Arts Festival. Local student were commissioned to create works of are from reused traffic signs. The artists were able to use these items and later sell them to raise money charity. As promised, BE-MAG supported the efforts of Joshua Casey as he competed in a regional competition. Joshua was the BE-Style Designer to watch for the April Issue. Not only did we assist in sponsorship but I was there to see him present a collection of amazingly beautiful clothing. I must say we are extremely proud to be a part of his growth as an emerging talent. Lastly, BE-Style also took the time to experience the high anticipated fashion show on Clark Atlanta University. Every year, the students put on an invigorating presentation on what is thought to be fashionable. They have yet to fail in showing the audience what it means to be fashionable while not conforming to the trends and norms of fashion.

At BE-Style, I believe “that one is born with STYLE and Embraces Fashion.”

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