Editor's Note

In this tenth installment of BE-Style, I am continuing with the mission to bring our readers a Bird’s Eye View into the world of everything art and fashion. In reaching out to the features for this month’s issue, I wanted to know what it takes to be successful brand in the industry and how does one handle the image of a celebrity. I was able to get all the details, first-hand. An artist from the streets started “grinding” at a young age to do what was ever necessary for him to one day achieve his dreams of being successful. Prince is now that CEO and Lead Designer of GINO GREEN GLOBAL. A true “Southern Bell” has pushed and challenged herself to be a force to be reckoned with. She would describe herself as an off-work model. Just by looking at her in a pair of stilettos with an amazing handbag and her Rayban shades, you would think just that. There is more to Shequita Orr than meets the eyes. Which leads me to my last interview for this issue. Everyday we are inundated with celebrity gossip and wonders who is responsible. Jonathan Clardy is the answer to every personality in the need of public exposure. As a publicist, he creates the buzz and also countervails the fires.

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