Editor's Note:

It has been said many times that the life you live is not your own. Your blessings and the lessons learned along the journey of life either directy or indirectly effects the lives of others. Many of the lessons and growth we experience along the way is parted to those in our company and unto the “stars” that follow. This concept definatley rings true in the lives of this month’s BE-Style features. Randi Layne has made her mark in the every facet of fashion, acting, and entertainment and continues to inspire the bright minds of tomorrow’s eye-catchers. Christopher Thompson, a student of art and recognizably amazing talent has been inspired by the influences of those leaving their respected footprints in the industry. Lisa Harris has decided to keep the old adage true, “It takes a village to raise a child,” by positive impacting those that she comes is contact with. When you can pass your good fortune onto the lives of others then your living is and will not be in vain.

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