Editor’s Note: The Art of Romance

Growing up, many of us are given these motivation phrases of encouragement: “You can be anything you put your mind to.” “Go to school and get a good education so you can get a good job.” “Work hard and you will be able to afford anything you want once you land that big contract.” “Find a good man so he can take care of you.” “Get you a good woman so she can make me some pretty grand-babies.” “A good man works hard and takes care of his family and responsibilities.” – Well, all of these ring true with this month’s BE-Style features, as the three business women could not have taken more adverse paths to their destiny. But all are living the dreams of a night’s sleep during wake of their days. One, a life of misguided energies, talent, and focus, all brought to a child that fell victim of her environment. Through the struggles and degradation experience by Tamecka Petty, rose an amazing young lady that would Crave a life of love and success.

The other is one of great strategy, education, and planning. Reared of a humble upbringing, knowing that nothing in life is given to you but you must work hard and be of good faith to receive what is destined in your life. A bright spirit and always stunning to the eye, Cherry Prailleau discover her skills early in life. She knew she was a smart girl and was focused on her education. She also knew that she had a natural gift of baking delectable treats sought by those in her family. Two women, two chefs, that have found joy and passion in baking wonderful sweet treats, ended up in an arena with great reverence of their skill and both bring pleasure to their clients.

And lastly, Mrs. Jackie Christie realized her natural love for everything fashion at the age of three years old, when she played dress up with her five sisters, making skirts from bed sheets and turbans from knit tops and sweaters. But the one love of her life that means the most to her, would come later on in her journey. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mrs. Christie, as she gave an envious depiction of what it means to “Dance to the beat of your own Drums.”

I bring to you, The Art of Romance Issue. Telling the story of love, passion, faith, and bliss through the lives of these three dynamic women that have carved a place in the marble slabs of the respective lives.

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