Editor’s Review: The New Atlanta Premieres with a Not So New Feel

Last night, Bravo debuted it’s newest series The New Atlanta, which follows the lives of Alexandra, Emily, Africa, Tribble and Vawn, five of Atlanta’s young movers & shakers. From business owners to music hopefuls & insiders, The New Atlanta will showcase these 5 social rattlers’ lives as they undergo a plethora of life’s struggles, plights, and come ups. Doesn’t sound too “new” of a formula huh?

Many viewers couldn’t help but notice that the show was quite reminiscent of some of reality tv’s other scripted forefathers like MTV’s Laguna BEach & The Hills. I was just waiting for Kristin Callavari or Lauren to pop out and make an appearance. The only big differences are the casts (and their bank accounts) & the geography.

The New Atlanta is a Mona Scott-Young (Monami) production, so it’s no big secret why Atlanta was at the top of the selection list. Atlanta & our eyes have BEen very good to Mrs. Scott-Young, so if it ain’t broke, she certainly isn’t going to break it. The show’s production was BEautiful & the cast seems quite diverse. (You may rememBEr Vawn from BET’s 2009 reality show Welcome to Dreamland, where they selected a handful of hopefuls and bussed them to Atlanta in hopes of landing a record contract)

I’m still left wondering if fans will really take to The New Atlanta’s type of situationally scripted reality tv again, or are we all about the blatant ratch? We’ll stay watching as the drama turns up…that’s what most of watching America seems to really BE interested in.

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