#EditorsPick: Cocotique Heartland Exfoliating Loofa Soap

You never know what’s inside one of those little BEauty boxes until you open them up, and as a male editor, sometimes the boxes that I get have to BE pushed towards one of our female editors, or one of my lady friends gets to BE the lucky recipient. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up Cocotique’s Box and found the Blood Orange Heartland Exfoliating Loofa Soap in there.

BEing a hairier-faced guy, I’m all over most things with an exfoliation process, so when I saw the soap with the Loofa (which serves as an exfoliation scrub), I was sold, but i hadn’t even unveiled the BEst part yet. When I opened the package, the instant burst of Blood Orange aroma hit the entire room & it smelled much of what I imagine heaven to smell like.

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Nestled right in the heart of the United States, Heartland Fragrance constantly strives to create quality products that delight the senses and bring a little luxury to everyday life. Who doesn’t love feeling great? Heartland Fragrance wants to help you get there. They pour sensitive-skin friendly glycerin around a ring of natural loofa for a lovely, bubble experience that’s sure to become a favorite. Life is stressful, but Heartland Fragrance has an arsenal to help you clean, pamper, and relax.

Blood Orange
Radiance is yours, my dears, when you grab a hold of this sublimely sophisticated Blood Orange glycerin loofa bar. Sheer floral notes join forces with a citrus kick and mellow Italian bergamot for a bar none soaping experience delivering mild moisture and gentle exfoliation. Leave dry skin behind with a few flicks of this noteworthy disk.

Secret Gardens
Secret gardens have melted the heart of many a girl and this soap captured all that’s lovely in a floral hideaway. Think dappled sunshine through leafy tree-tops and bunches of blossoms and blooms, all young, light, and sweet. Moisture boosting glycerin is hand-poured around a generous puff of natural loofa, keeping skin supple and incredibly smooth.

Classic, but with never a dull moment, this Tahitian vanilla glycerin loofa soap gently polishes away dry spots while infusing skin with a boost of moisture. Warm and sugary, this one is good enough to eat. Hand-crafted, just like all the best buttery vanilla treats.

FULL SIZE: $8/ 5.5 oz

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