#EditorsPick: Kentrell Enkentrol – Gold Edition

Coming across dope artists is always a HUGE win! Not only for the artist, who we aggressively start to hunt down for interview & promo purposes, but also for us as editors & our ears, which often times gets boggled down with mediocre, similarly based, watered down music. I was pleasantly surprised when Kentrell Enkentrol’s music came across my desk.

With first glance, you can tell that he has the look, but after I clicked on the soundcloud link, I was instantly taken back to multiple eras of music from Prince all the way to Usher. Kentrell’s latest EP “Gold Edition” has garnered the Midwest hopeful lots of much deserved buzz. His career seems to BE off to a promising start.

Take a listen & fall in love with his sound for yourself. Meet Kentrell Enkentrol.

Follow him on Twitter @IAmKentrell & Facebook: http://Facebook.com/enkentrol

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