Celebrating Singleness with Kenny Pugh


Radio show host for the “Chat Kafe Show” and author Kenny Pugh hosted an event, An Evening of Entertainment for the single community on Valentine’s Day from 7-10 PM.

The event had spoken word, comedy and an open discussion about how men and women communicate. There were also free give-a-ways, one BEing a gift certificate to the Posh Spot, an Atlanta spa. Pugh often hosts  events around holidays to celebrate singleness, all under one venue.

Pugh’s book, “Can You Do IT Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships,” centers around providing insight regarding the relationship formula for success, recognizing that sex does not equal commitment and the communication gap between men and women.

Men, according to Pugh, are single BEcause they do not want to make a bad decision. Women are worried about how others view them since they are single. They often worry about the “Happily Ever After” manifesting in their lives.

When interacting with a single person who is seeking his services, Pugh says that he BEgins by recalibrating the person, which is trying to get them back in balance.

Next, he would like to person to establish some sort of spiritual relationship. “This allows you to connect with a BEing outside of yourself,” Pugh says. He wants the person to have a healthy view of themselves BEfore they BEgin dating.

He also encourages people to take care of themselves physically, BEing more social, freeing yourself of those strongholds BEst known as “exes” and sharpening your knowledge.

“Can You Do IT Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships” has sold thousands of copies to date. The book asks for singles to remain pure sexually BEfore marriage to ensure that this is the individual God has chosen for you.

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