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In the fashion industry, BEing a freelance artist is a very hard task. More specifically, BEing freelance stylists is even harder than anything else. Two freelance stylists have gotten together and created their very own Styling/ Image consulting firm. Such a smart move. Putting an actual business mindset BEhind the talent is a sure fire way to reach success. We at BE Magazine got the exclusive interview from the two stylists, Bianca Roots and David Duncan. They truly are “EpicStylist”.


1. What made you all you choose the name “EpicStylist” for the name of your firm, or even more so what is the inspiration behind your slogan “Fashion should never be Bland but Epic”? David and I want something that would be larger than life!  We wanted something that would speak to the experience each client would feel after working with David and me.

2. What made you both decide to collaborate and create a firm versus BEing Freelance stylists? We decided to join forces and collaborate to allow our customers BEtter service.  To have two stylists we are always available to take care of their needs.

3. When you say image consulting firm, do you consider yourself a marketing/PR firm? If not what sets you apart?  No I wouldn’t call us a marketing/PR firm.  We call our selves an image consulting firm to speak a bigger and BEtter brand in the future.  We BElieve in thinking big.  David and I aspire to building our brand to encompass corporate image consulting, personal styling and shopping, and celebrity and special event styling.  We will BEcome a one stop styling shop!

4. Who are some of your biggest name clients, and what are some paths you have created for them.  Due to wanting to respect the privacy of our clients and to ensure that they can trust we won’t name drop, we will just say many of our clients to date haven’t been celebrities, but successful business people/owners.  When you have to work so closely with peoples personal lives, it is important not to drop their names.  We leave that to our clients to refer us and promoter our services if they enjoyed their Epic experience.

5. When EpicStylists works on a project, is it just Bianca Roots & David Duncan or do you use outside connections? For our styling, we utilize just our own expertise, but we are always looking to partner with other BEauty experts; mua’s, expert hairstylist/barbers, manicurists, and any other BEauty and grooming experts.

6. What is your take on the “Stylists” Trick in which stylist buy items for clients promo (photo shoots, events, etc.) and tuck the tags, then later take the items back?  I will say that we don’t judge. We both started somewhere.  I will say that if an item has BEen damaged in any way stylists shouldn’t return those items.  The truth of the matter is, it is very difficult to convince boutiques and stores to allow stylists to “pull” clothing if they don’t recognize a name in the mix.  I would say if you are able to “pull” clothes you should always do that.

7. Who is your Go To designer, or clothing brand? That designer, or brand you just love you use/work with?  We don’t have a favorite, we just enjoy to work with designers that are up and coming such as ourselves.  We are always eager to work with designers with that great new look!

8. I noticed from you portfolio on your website all the pics seems to BE females styles, trends, and fashion with the exception of 2 pictures? Are females your favorite to work with? Do you find females easier to style?  No, I would think that females are easier, but over all, they have more options to change/enhance their look. We love a challenge and always look forward to working with male clients as well.

9. Do either of you have experience BEhind in the fore front of the action rather than BEhind the scenes. Bianca actually has BEen working as a style consultant on a web show called Fashion and Hairsay with FEG Entertainment.  she will actually try her hand in acting with FEG’s new venture coming this year.

10. What are some community service projects that you do for a positive image of your own brand? We would love to put together something to work with Dress for Success.  We do BElieve that what you put into the Universe will come back to you.  We will BE working on that in the near future as well.

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Bianca Roots & David Duncan

“Fashion should never be Bland but Epic.”

Tel: 706-452-1537


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