Erica Mena – BEing Given a Second Chance

Erica Mena is one BEautiful Model/Singer/Reality TV Star, and she loves to make people know it. It’s a part of her craft that comes with the territory.

Growing up Erica always did performing arts and her ambition and drive at a young age didn’t go unnoticed. She BEgan getting modeling gigs and print ads at the early age of 14. Erica has done numerous video cameos and also appeared on E’s “Kourtney and Khloe take Miami”, but she realy made a household name for herself after appearing on Season 2 of VH1’s popular reality show “Love and Hip-Hop”.

Erica is also a devoted mother, singer, Actress, and avid traveler. We here at BE Magazine had a chance to sit and catch up with Erica Mena and find out how life has been since Love and Hip-Hop and what we can expect from her for the rest of the year.

BE MAG: How do you handle such a demanding work schedule and still find that family time as well?

Erica Mena: Well motherhood comes FIRST! So definitely whatever is left over after mommy duties is how I do. *laughs* But I mean, you prioritize and you just figure out and put what’s important and go from there. I mean it is hard, especially the type of person I am. I BElieve you can do it all, there is definitely enough time in a day. I know people say it isn’t, but if you really want to make something happen, you will make time. Don’t BE slacking or you know!

BE MAG: So you have BEen in this industry since 14 years old. You have seen a lot of things and have that experience of working and seeing what goes on. What do you find most challenging about this industry? Especially with social media BEing so big and in a way intrusive.

Erica Mena: YEAH! There are two things that bother me: it’s the rumor stuff, that’s the only thing that gets under my skin BEcause half the time it’s like “where do people come up with this stuff? And “Who has this much time to do stuff like that? It’s like and people actually BElieve it’s true! And it’s no facts or proof. And one person says it and it spreads fast. And then you find yourself defending the foolishness and it’s like “WHAT?” *laughs* but it comes with the territory, so you have to deal with it. And then second thing that gets me is you have people who work and deserve credit but don’t get it…and you see that from models to artists. I guess the people who have more hype or have bigger fan base[s] get more. But it has no depth and doesn’t deserve praise.

BE MAG: Ok, So we saw you on Season 2 of Love & Hip-Hop. And things were popping and explosive…* LOL*

Erica Mena: Yeah It definitely was explosive *LOL* that’s the word to say the least.

BE MAG: So after the show wrapped. How has your life changed? What’s BEen going on?

Erica Mena: Life is good. I’ve taken steps to fix what I need to. And I saw my flaws and things and so now I’m moving forward and doing things BEtter. It’s definitely BEen all about work and focusing on that. And now BEing a career woman as well. I didn’t really get the chance to show that to people you know, but those who know me know I’m a hard worker and passionate about my work. There’s a lot more to me. At the end of the day I’m human! And I’m a mom! I think I’m relatable to a lot of people. It’s just unfortunate that I didn’t get to show people that. But you know I’ve just BEen working and BEttering myself. It’s BEen a great experience.

BE MAG: I read you did a line of T-shirts? Talk to us about that as well as your other businesses.

Erica Mena: Yes! I did collaboration with a company called “TwoIntheShirt” and they are really known company. I did a line of shirts with them and we are actually about to launch the second line soon as well, which is really cool!! It’s doing extremely well. I’m also working on my music! And its time consuming but it’s worth it. I’m working on a female casual “cocktail” line. That’s going to BE sometime next year. I’m doing a little bit of everything. My book as well and I’m coming together with a company in talks to do a line of sunglasses too. I’m doing it ALL.

BE MAG: Cool, I was going to ask you do you kind of get a kick out of people when they see that you are more than just a “pretty face” and “nice body”?

Erica Mena: Yes. When you really sit and talk to me, although I’m only 25 you BEgin to get that I’m not a “know-it-all “but I’m experienced and I know things. I wouldn’t say I’m an old soul but when you meet me you see that I know what I want and I have a plan. I’m crazy and have fun but my heart is in a good place and I like to BE fun.

BE MAG: Ok so to switch gears…What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?

Erica Mena: I’m a New Yorker!! So I’m all into the big hoops and bamboo earrings! And stuff like that. LOL. You always MUST have a pair of heels! Heels are a MUST even if you in a jeans and a simple tee, if you have some banging pumps on that’s all you need. I’m a t-shirt and jean type of girl. I love dark denim.

BE MAG: We also want to know, what’s on your I-pod?

Erica Mena: Ummm… OMG! Like I said I’m a New Yorker but also Latin so you will find a bit of everything!! From Big Pun to like Celia Cruz to Bachata. All the Spanish favorites, but then you will go to like Green Day it just depends. Rihanna! Lol depends on my mood.

BE MAG: So, what do fans of you have to look forward to for the remainder of 2012? Can you give us some hints?

Erica Mena: There is a lot coming soon! We are working real hard to get my single and my music out. My book is coming I’m working on it this summer. Um my t-shits are coming soon. God has things in play. But I’m going with the flow. It’s going to BE dope.

BE MAG: BEfore I let you go, are there any misconceptions about you that you want to clear up? 

Erica Mena: I mean I know people are going to have their opinions and assumptions especially those who saw me on the show and who don’t know me, but I would def tell them I’m like them more than they know. It’s hard to understand but I’ve learned a lot and I’m not a bad person. But I mean well even if comes off wrong way. But I’m like the everyday woman trying to make things happen. I guess in time as people get to see me and know me they will change their minds.

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