Ernie Gaines

Rocker at heart, Ernie Gainesis proving to be the next best singer to emerge on the pop scene. With an eclectic style and blend of rock, pop, soul, funk and hip-hop, Gaines is at the forefront of the next generation of headlines to come from New Jersey.
A product of a musical family, it was only a matter of time before Ernie embraced his natural talent. He began his journey singing at the age of five by teaching himself how to play the wedding song. When he was a teenager he joined a professional men and boys choir, Cantantes Pueres, which was run by David Lamb. Ernie’s passion in music eventually carried him to the semi-finals of the first season of Fox TV’s popular show American Idol. Gaines, however, did not make it to the top 10, because he opted not to sign the contract that would’ve advanced him on the show. His signature rock-influenced style brought him to a space in his artistic career where he felt liberated. “My fondest memory is being in Hollywood in the moment on the scene at Rod Stewart’s house chilling with Ozzy [Osbourne] and Sean Melody (from P.C.D.) and just feeling that freedom of being myself and being accepted for like the first time in my life.”
Now, as Gaines prepares to make his mark on the music industry he’s pushing the envelope to set himself apart from the various other breaking artists. “I feel my music is more outside the box than all male competitors because I’m not afraid of any genre and I’m not pigeonholed into one particular sound. It’s all very natural.”
Influenced by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, Gaines is delivering a unique style of sound infusion. “Cobain is my biggest influence. I look up to his level of expression, his writing code and the emotions he was willing to put on the line for all to see.” Furthermore, he plans to package this level of expression in his as-yet-untitled debut. “I think I can do a lot for the future generations by showing diversity and being on a level of expression higher than those before me.”
Currently at the age of 23, Gaines has already worked with artists including Mya, the Pussycat Dolls, Sean Stewart (Rod’s son), Christina Milian, Memphis Bleek, Sam Scarfo, Jeanie Ortega and Latrelle Simmons. Ernie is the protégé’ of platinum producer Rich Younglord. Younglord has worked on successful albums with Diddy, Beyonce, Fat Joe ,G-Unit, and many others.  Younglord has produced on a combination of 30 million  albums sold. He knows stars and is confident that the world will see that Ernie is one!!!
With a passion for music embedded in generations, look for Ernie Gaines to make an impact. “Not only can you hear my music, you can feel it. Some people even say they’ve seen it in colors. It’s digestible although hard to swallow at times. My music has great connectivity.”

Check out Ernie’s latest music titled “No”

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