Ester Dean – Dat Girl

I first heard Polow da Don’s newest prodigy Ester Dean on Gucci Mane’s song “White Girl (I Think I Love Her)”…also referred to as “Dat Girl (I think I Love Her)”.  Her verses were short and sweet, and her raspy voice laced the hook with a catchiness that would make the song a sure hit. Needless to say, “Susie” goes IN & goes HARD [“Susie” is listed as the “feature” on the track]!!!! At the time I didn’t know who this newcomer was or how she looked due to the fact that she does not appear in the video for the Gucci song.  I thought, while still humming the hook, “Who is Ester Dean?” 

Apparently she is the woman that has written some of your favorite songs.  Ester’s a country girl from Muskogee, Oklahoma has hit the scene with the ferocity of a hurricane.  In her short career she has written for everyone from Mary J. Blige and Mya, to Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole (just to name a few).  Dean, the youngest of five siblings, has always had a tremendous love of music, and it was that love that had her ripping through the Yellow Pages in middle school.  She recounts how she would search the yellow pages and call local studios to find somewhere…anywhere that she could possibly record.  She eventually found a studio where she would be allowed to sing demos.  Ester found herself having to manage her time between school and recording.  So determined, she didn’t even allow her family relocating to Omaha to deter her from her goal, she quickly began to sing and freestyle with the local artists.  Her tenacity actually landed her a constant gig singing hooks for rappers in return for studio time.  She attributes her development as a song writer to having to create songs to record when it was her time to hit the booth.
With her sights set on landing a deal, Ester drove herself and her belongings 18 hours to Atlanta, Georgia…home of Black Hollywood, and the land of ooprtunity for today’s starving artists.  In Atlanta she was met with criticisms of both her voice as well as her weight.  Discouraged, Ester began to question her goal of being an artist, and began to focus on writing solely.  Dean’s first professional writing job came by way of artists like Girlicious and the Pussy Cat Dolls.  In fact, it was during a writing session when her zest for music was noticed my super producer Polow da Don.  To Ester’s surprise Polow wanted to put her back in the spotlight as a featured artist on his label Zone 4/Interscope.  Initially she was hesitant, thinking about her prior experiences, but Polow assured her that he wanted her just as she was.  Armed with the confidence of her new mentor she began working on her new album.  If her debut will be anything like the songs that she has written, has been featured on, or her single off of the More Than A Game soundtrack “Drop It Low” featuring Chris Brown, she is in store for much success, and we are in store for some great music. 

Ester Dean ft Chris Brown – “Drop It Low”

Gucci Mane ft Ester Dean – “Dat Girl (I Think I Love Her)”

UPDATE (12/1): Check out Ester Dean perform “Drop It Low” LIVE (special thanks to FREDDYO!)

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