As I awoke this morning to the birds chirping in the trees of my yard, I am thankful for God blessing me to see another day. As usual, I am running behind schedule, so I immediately jump and start getting dressed for work. I then got into my little gas efficient Chevy Aveo and began my journey. It starts out with the drive down my long winding dirt road, passing the plush vegetables fields enclosed by the thousands of trees bending in the morning’s wind. Ha Ha Ha! Yes I am a country boy but don’t be influenced by the ideals that every southerner is lacking luster nor fooled to believe that our eyes light up and the shear glimmer of something sparkly. For this could not be further from the truth. I have had a taste for luxury since the proverbial silver spoon was taken from my mouth. I must admit that I have been blessed with a family that believes in hard work and providing for their loved ones. I never knew what it was for my parents to struggle or make hard decisions. My brother and I were shielded from the harsh realities of what it takes to run a household. My father took an early retirement and my mother left her job as well. Through prayer and partnership, they decided to start their own business to provide opportunities in our communities and to leave a legacy for us. To all of our readers, take it from me, when a great opportunity or challenge presents itself, you must look straight ahead and surge forward. You will amaze yourself as you discover the endless possibilities. There are many times that I wished I would have “carpe diem,” seized the moment. Nonetheless, I have achieved many of the desires of my heart and I owe it all to my God and my parents. It was hard growing up because I was a little different. I was teased for being the outcast, the boy with the big ears. The one that had most of the answers to the questions asked in class. I could hear my father, Morris saying, “NO NINTENDO” until you are done with your homework…. Throughout my matriculation, I just held my head high, turned my back against the wall and fought my way through what I thought to be the most horrific experience a child could go through. Then one day while shopping with my late mother, Lavern, I began to take notice of textures, colors, fabrics, and blends. An appreciation for well-made and designer pieces began to fester. Something came alive in me and I felt this yearning that I couldn’t explain. Now I know, it’s called “Fabulosity.” Thanks Kimora! I wanted to wear the latest in Cross Colours, Alexander Julian, Ralph Lauren, and Get Used. You could imagine what happened after that. A “fashionisto” was born. I went on to win best dressed every year for the remainder of my grade school and high school years. Yes, I was very proud of my accomplishments. I not only achieved numerous accolades for being outstanding academically but I stood out amongst my peers and yes, HI HATERS! I went on to coordinate fashions shows and a host of other creative competitions while obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree from South Carolina State University. I have worked in every capacity doing everything in the last few years, encompassing Marketing, Sales Manager, and now CEO of my family owned business. I never gave up on my passion for fashion. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people in the industry. I’m not one to “name drop” so I will. I definitely want thank Randi Layne for being such a positive and inspirational force in my career. In working with Catwalk Productions, I am able to lend my talents to various non-profit and fundraising organizations. Through our efforts, the patrons of our events are able to contribute to the funding of Cancer & HIV research organizations. Sometimes we get so wrapped in our own pain and struggle that we forget there are others whom are in worse situations. So when Victoria Hook, Director of Dress For Success – Atlanta, asked me to sit on the committee of Design for a Purpose Fashion Competition, immediately agreed to dedicate my time. As a result, 100’s of disenfranchised women are able to receive professional work attire to begin their start on a new path. These women are also mentored by other professional affiliates to gain interviewing skills and knowledge of their newly prospective fields. It is such a great feeling to know that my small part can forever impact someone’s life. For any of my other mentors that may also be our readers, I want to thank all of you for whatever parts you may have played in my becoming who I am today. So to all of our fans and viewers, allow me to introduce the man that I have exposed to you all. My name is Maurice Lawyer and welcome to “Birdz Eye Vue,” the fashion column for the new BrisonEnt, Be-Entertained Mag.com. I am overly excited to be your eyes and ears into the fashion industry. Humbled as your microscope, delving into the minds of the creative forces that decide on where fashion is going. I plan to bring you the stories behind aspiring fashion and interior designers, boutiques owners and entrepreneurs, on anything that impacts the art of style. In the words of Lil Wayne, “I want my blood to stain the pages.” You will now be able to see the hottest trends you’d love to wear and many of you will know “WHAT NOT TO WEAR.” Whether you’re one to embrace the upcoming futuristic edge of Nike, or appreciating the influences of Marithe’et Francois Girbaud – originator of premium denim, it will be covered. So please log into our new Webzine, allow us to entertain and inspire. Remember everything seems different when seen through a set of fresh eyes. With that my friends, I bid you farewell for now. 

Always Tastefully Done… Maurice Lawyer “Born with Style-Embracing Fashion”


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