Fall Outerwear '09

Every season, we see magazines inundated with ads of the hottest trends for women – tips on the newest color combination, the latest in handbag fabrications, and even the best under garments. Well, I think it is high time that every man also get a few tips. I think it’s important that we are aware of how to build a wardrobe and not just purchase items sold by a sexy saleswoman with a great smile. A man should go into the retail shops and look for pieces to add to an already existing wardrobe; classic pieces that work with the addition of just a few trendy or modern items. This challenge can be easy accomplished by merely buying great outerwear that works from year to year. This idea can be used when you are out looking for a new pair of dark denim jeans or a cashmere sweater; you know that you still have that classic toggle-pea coat that would impress the young lady on your first date.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, it is important for men to be able to accessorize and add to a look which makes him appear to be well put together. If you live somewhere that has a cold fall/winter climate, then it is imperative that you know how to layer appropriately and what is complimentary to the base of the outfit. Meaning: whatever the most outer portion of your look, should also compliment what you are wearing closest to your body. So if you are wearing a gray light wool suit, then compliment the suit with a darker over-coat and lighter matching scarf. On the day when you’re in jeans and a hoodie, you should be sure to have a fresh pair of sneakers and your favorite baseball and basketball hat. Keeping it simple, in my opinion, is that best way for a man to make a statement. You never want it to seem as if you are trying to hard by having every item the same exact color but make your final look seem effortless and not like you purchase it straight off the mannequin.  

Here are a few of my choices for the next layer of fall fashion for men:

1) Toggle coat by Banana Republic: www.BananaRepublic.com; 2) Wool Trench by Moschino; 3) Complete look available at H&M.


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