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Saturday, April 9th – proved to be a night to remember for Art and Life clothing Company CEO, Brandon Jones. Art and Life – a brand that delivers a lifestyle of quality, fashion, and severe attitude.; also offers a certain level of “Fresh” that embraces culture, art, and life. Having clothing that services both men and women, Art and Life Clothing gives us T-Shirts, Jackets, Tops, and dresses: Atlanta’s best kept secret. Founder and CEO Brandon Jones sat down with me after his amazing and well organized fashion show to discuss his brand, growing up, and soon gearing up to take over the Atlanta fashion market.

LONDON V: First, thanks for taking the time to sit and talk with us. So when did you realize that being a fashion designer was something you wanted to do?
BRANDON J: It’s funny because when I was younger, my grandfather would get upset with me because I would make it a point to buy other peoples clothing. He would always ask me, “why do you always have to wear someone else’s name across your chest? With being as stylish as you, why not start something of your own?” And it really didn’t click until I was about 19, I decided that loved fashion and it was time to create my own brand. We started with T-shirts and here we are three years later with an entire collection.

LONDON V: Did you attend school for Fashion Design?
BRANDON J: No, I actually attend UGA and at the time I started my line my major was computer science.

LONDON V: Describe for us your childhood. Where were you born and raised?
BRANDON J: I was born in Chicago and my family moved to Atlanta when I was 2 years old. I was the typical kid, you know? I had a stepfather, two parent home on both ends with my biological father and my mother. I attended a couple of schools around Atlanta in a relatively short amount of time.

LONDON V: Where does your inspiration come from?
BRANDON J: I look at what the designers who inspire me do. Such as Sean Jean, Dean and Dan, Ralph Lauren, and etc. Look at what they do to find what it is I that excite me, not only pulling inspiration from them but also adding my own touch on things.

LONDON V: If you could describe your line in one word what would it be?
BRANDON J: “AMAZING!” I know that sounds self-indulging so let’s go with Refreshing! I think when you take a look at what’s out now relative to the people who are “urban wear” designers and who are in a underground lane, I think that its refreshing to offer something different and that’s more fashion forward.

LONDON V: What are you doing to make Art and Life attainable to a broader market?
BRANDON J: Well actually we have a website where people can go to purchase items as well as networking with different vendors to carry our brand. But before we do that we want to make sure everything is 100% and everything is done right. So just give us a little time to work on a smaller scale and when the demand takes itself to where it needs to be, we’re definitely going to make sure that the world is ready for Art and Life.

LONDON V: What would your words of encouragement be for other aspiring designers out there?
BRANDON J: Keep pushing through, no matter what people may say, you have to believe in yourself and your craft and work hard for what you want.

LONDON V: What’s next for Art and life?
BRANDON J: The fall collection, which will be available in early August and you know were just going to keep giving the people what they want.


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