Fly Couture: 2013 Swimsuit Capsule Collection

It is always my goal to bring our BE-Style followers the most creative of independent and emerging designers that I feel have a fresh perspective on design. I have BEen following Fly Couture for some time now and really appreciate the direction in which this label is going with delivering one of a kind garments to the modern woman. So upon my discovery of the Swimsuit capsule collection, it was only right for me to present it to BE-Style readers. I had a chance to chat with head designer, Fly, yes that’s it.. Fly!!
BE-Style: What is this brand adding to the fashion industry?
Fly Couture: We’re  giving women of all sizes a chance to express there unique style through our selection of luxury fabrics and sexy but chic designs. Every women who wears Fly Couture will feel empowered with style, confidence, and exclusivity. Fly Couture garments are not mass produced, they are made in short runs, made to order, and one of a kind. Our company produces unique limited edition clothing .
BE-Style: How do you want women to feel in the garments from this capsule collection?
Fly Couture: I think very woman should feel, sexy , confident, and like she’s that Bi*ch. LOL
BE-Style: Are the bathing suits available in a range of colors or black & white only?
Fly Couture: This particular collection is only in black and white. I wanted to give women the option to add a pop of color of there choice. But stay tuned for my other bathing suit collections that will be fill with color and prints.
BE-Style: I’ve noticed your designs are culminations of influences from different eras with a modern flair, what periods do you love most?
Fly Couture: I’m glad you notice that, the reason for that is , I don’t really have a favorite era. I am in love with the sexy, confident, and bold women who made the era she lived in her personal fashion playground. The Grace Jones, Edie Sedgwick, Brigitte Bardot, and Madonna to name a few.
fly1 flyback3 fly2
Where can interested clients find you?
www.justbfly.com ( currently being updated)
Photo’s shot by : Drexina Nelson Photography http://www.drexina.com/
Styled by : Fly Couture

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