Frank Ocean …What was meant to fill the THANK YOU section in album…


Many woke up this morning to find all over the internet, “Frank Ocean comes out in a letter he posted on tumblr” not knowing that this was not the original plan.

The singer-songwriter, responsible for many of our favorite songs, originally planned to tell the world about himself through his ‘music’ on his Debut Album due July 17th, “Channel Orange”. Frank planned to allow his lyrics in, the last 3songs on the album, ‘Bad Religion,’ ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ which speaks about him being in love (using the word ‘him’ instead of ‘her’) tell fans about himself.  However, because of the “rumors” that were going around he decided he would post early the letter that was suppose to fill the ‘Thank You Section’ in his album credits to clarify.

BE’s sure he’s fine but, it would of been nice if it could of happened as planned. Many artist, lyricist, and people/fans in general would of loved to experience the moment Max (the reporter who first reported the singer ‘coming out’ in the tracks) had when first listening to the tracks. Many wanted to be listening to the album and all of a sudden hear the singer say “him” and think to self, “wait, wait, wait” and rewind to see if they heard what they thought they had heard and, can’t now.

Someone said, “The singer did it for a buzz to sale more albums” but…

When the artwork was first released for his upcoming album, every major blog and media site visited that day did a post about it… The artist, in the past 365days, has written for Beyonce’ Knowles, Brandy, Kanye West, Jay Z, John Legend, Justin Beiber, and Bridget Kelly to name a few… His youtube page is right at 19thousand subscribers and 11million video views (this only for 2videos posted in his vevo)…His twitter follower count is a little over 900thousand…

I think he had enough people anticipating the album already but If a buzz is what he wanted, there were many ways to get a buzz other than that. Plus, if this would have come out the day that the album was released the affect that it is going to have on the album coming now would have been the same. Billboard hot 100 is based on first weeks totals soooo… the world would of had 7days, starting Monday and ending Sunday, to find out, talk about, decide where they stand, and then go get the album…

Today many saw the letter posted but fail to see the ‘post’ on his tumblr right before the letter…

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