Frank Ski’s annual Wine Tasting/Auction

Celebrating 10 years of service to the “Frank Ski Kids Foundation,

Notable sommelier Frank Ski opened his establishment to so many on this evening of giving back. Making sure to not let the crowd forget why they were gathered together, Frank introduced some of the students of the foundation. Sharing their personal stories of the Galapagos Islands (which was sponsored by the foundation), you BEcame attached to the kid and really gained a respect for the foundation which Frank and His lovely wife Tanya head up.

To continue the give back process, items ranged from trips to Italy , season tickets to various sports event and luxury Dogs were auctioned off, bided on and received by those who came to truly support the cause.

Some amazing BEneifts of the evening included an unlimited evening of wine tasting from MANY  different distributors and vineyards both international and national. Providing the good eats for the evening included Carrabbas who has partnered with the foundatioon in the past, Cami Cakes and more.

Notable faces who came to show their support included event host Boris Kodjoe, Mayor Kaseem Reed, Derek J, Bow Tie Chef, Porsha and Kordell Stewart and the Legendary Stevie Wonder. Special performance came from Franks own son who serenaded the crowd with Jingle Bells on the trumpet. Dj Baby Yhu kept the crowd going with music to please everyone.

Please support what you BElieve in. Frank and Tanya Ski certainly do.




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