Frankie – A REAL Mess

Frankie is undoubtedly America’s favorite MESS! Her “love me or hate me” attitude makes you either cringe at first sight or immediately run over to capture a hug & get in on the hood action. All you Frankie fans, go ahead & get it out of the way now…“CODE 10…MAN DOWN…HOLLA!!!!”

Alright…now that that’s out of all of our systems, lets get into the crazy sensation who could easily BEcome reality television’s most controversial made-for-tv celeb…FRANKIE!

Whether you know her as Frankie Lons, or R&B singer-gone Reality star-Keyshia Cole’s mom, she’s definitely been in the mouth’s of many in the recent past; gaining most of her credit from co-starring on her daughter’s #1 reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Frankie has somehow quickly found her way into the limelight of ALMOST being famous…go figure, huh? Well it’s no secret that America loves a good MESS & Frankie intends on BEing just that…on & off camera! When Frankie isn’t clowing on screen, you can BEst BE assured that she’s somewhere cussing up a storm, peeing on the side of the road, and/or standing up press for a confirmed interview…we all know she’s extra multi-talented!!! (Stop laughing!!!!)

With a maternal force like Frankie, it’s amazing that Keyshia was able to do a beautiful job of cleaning up her once hood girl image, which was excellently captured on season 2 of her own show, but we all know in the world of reality television we have to be fed our spurts of hot ghetto mess, which is where Mother Frankie clearly doesn’t mind stepping up to the plate. She’s the only cougar known to man that can get a young tender roni, love him down (for the day), get him for his goods (or in Mr. Garrison’s world…the “BAD”), cuss him (& daughter #2 Neffe) out, CRY…I mean BOO-HOO, plead her case about NOT still being a hype, all while gaining a fan or two. You CAN’T write this America!!! This is MESS captured in the making & we’re all in & ready for the ride! She should drop daughter #2 & get with a co-star like Courtney Love…that would make for a trash of MESS reality show, & America would be lined up for states to get fed our needed portions.

Ok to BE fair…we WERE Frankie fans over here…yup WERE, but we also realize that one’s career can BE merely handed to them as opposed to getting grounded and working hard to create a buzz; but hey, not everybody is privied to have a ordinary daughter-gone futuristic…which makes her “hella” relatable & appeal to women & girls who not only think they could have her [Keyshia Cole] spot if given the right twist of never-to-be-circumstance, but would probably bet cash money that they’re BEtter than her. The truth is, Frankie lucked up & is able to ride the wave BEhind her daughter, who actually has bundles of TALENT, charisma, and sex appeal. Fankie on the other hand, definitely ain’t a looker, & we’d all jump from highest point possible if she even touched a mic in that way (ok..lots of folks wanted to jump after hearing her sing on the 1st episode of The Frankie & Neffe Show), has managed to create her own mini lane & is planning to milk it for all it’s worth. She was supposedly writing a tell all book (this was last year’s ADHD idea), and can BE heard Thursdays on Ryan Cameron’s show on V103.

As of August 25th, Frankie can also add BEing the feature MESS on BET’s Frankie & Neffe Show which will now give America the chance to have our complete dosage of BEFOONERY served with an extra slab of MESS DELUXE…your pick of who’s the deluxe mess! Tons of people are excited to see Frankie get her own lime away from her deserving daughter’s, while others will merely watch for the known hoopla & shenanigans that Frankie always brings to the game. One thing’s for sure, Frankie Lons “crack-headish” measures are turning into modern day black face, which is why we pose the ending question…is Frankie America’s #1 COON? You BE the judge!

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