Fred Sathal returns center-stage of Parisian fashion


In recent times, we find ourselves inundated with designers and persons that rework garments loosely using the title of “Couture” when references their creations. Well ladies and gents, meet a real life COUTURIER.

After 8 years of absence from the Parisian shows, designer Fred Sathal is back on the catwalks. Elected as a guest member by the French Federation of Couture, she will present her new collection in the July 2014 official Haute Couture calendar, as a relaunch of her Couture House. 217818735_zoom945

Fred Sathal’s collection presents itself as a journey through the folds of the soul. It is a wardrobe embroidered inside and outside, crossed by threads, tassels, sequins, glitter and dyes that reflect light. These associations draw in space an organic and cosmic relief. Each garment contains a symbolic and autobiographical load. A world stitched with alliances and alchemy which oscillates between sacred and profane. A textile history in mutation offering today the result of four years of research. A universe where every garment is a piece of art.

Born in Marseille in 1966, Fred Sathal is a designer and visual artist, whose work embodies various identities, in which she officiates for haute couture, stage arts and contemporary art. She moves to Paris in the early 90s, and presents her first collection of ready-to-wear in 1994. Immediately acclaimed for her originality, her staging filled with strange creatures, her unique technics of volume utilization, cutting, material and ornamentation. A dozen collections will follow during that decade.

In 2000, she made a remarkable entrance in the world of Haute Couture, producing unique pieces, real pieces of art. Her work is now in the collections of the Musée de la Mode de Marseille, au Musée Galliera et au Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris, the Fonds National d’Acquisition d’Art Contemporain in Puteaux and several other foundations.

Along the years, she also works on contemporary art exhibitions and installations, but also designs and produces costumes and stage sets for theatre and dance. Fred Sathal’s universe goes far beyond fashion. Thus, in 2006, she decides to end her participation to Parisian fashion weeks to enrich her work in other creative fields in France and abroad. In 2009, a monographic book, “SATHAL CREATURES” – Edition Images en Manoeuvres, traces her 20 years of protean creations.

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