Fall's Freshest Kicks

As the ever-changing fashion industry brings us amazing design concepts and an overwhelming emergence of couture designers into the ready-to-wear segments, we are continuously intrigued by new colors and fabrications that wouldn’t normally be available to the average consumer. Designers from Yoji Yomamoto and Jill Sander to Alexander McQueen and Al Harrington have all created great lines of footwear for men. For a more casual complete look, a nice pair of sneakers is always a sure to accomplish this goal. With more and more men tapping into their inner “Metro,” they are taking pride in grooming (i.e. man-scaping), wearing clothes that actually fit, and keep up the shoe game. This fall, you can expect new colorways and silouhettes from some of your favorite sneaker brands. They are continuing with use of premium materials and expanding on the wearability of the footwear. So many of the sneaker options will be able to be worn from a casual daytime outing to a evening of dinner or clubbing. 

Here are a few of my choices:

Lanvin High Top Suede, available at www.barneys.com






Marc Collections & Marc by Marc Jacobs, available at www.MarcJacobs.com





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