Future, Sexy…Miguel!

[PHOTO] Kenneth Cappello

Bystorm/Jive recording artist Miguel recently got put in the game and is already starring in two of the biggest tours of the year; Usher Raymond alongside Trey Songz in their upcoming “OMG Tour,” which kicks off November 10th in Seattle, WA, as well as the “Music Saved My Life Tour” with Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan which already started on October 2nd at the Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, GA. All the while, working on his freshman masterpiece boldly titled, “Gravity,” set to be released late November or early December. The Portuguese charismatic quadruple threat (vocalist/songwriter/producer/performer) is a liaison of sultry soul and hip-hop intermixed with a unique jazz resonance that defies any set genre.

We caught up with Miguel late one morning and wanted to know what inspired the lyrics behind “All I Want is You.” Miguel begins the interview revealing his wry sense of humor by saying, “the song is about my dog.” After recomposing myself to continue the interview just moments from laughing hysterically, Miguel contends that the song was definitely inspired by a personal experience. BEMagazine wanted to know how it felt to finally receive the recognition he now is getting after working behind the scenes on artists such as Mary J. BligeMusiq Soulchild, and Usher‘s projects since 2007? “It’s gratifying and just let me know there’s a lot more work to be put in,” Miguel tells us and also goes on to let us know “it’s kinda like they just put me in the game. I been practicing, and I been at all practices, and I been there for  all the camps.” Almost comparing the music Industry to a NFL football franchise where he is a #1 Draft Pick. “I can’t even tell you how this all happened,” a loss for words Miguel adds.

We look forward to checking Miguel out opening for “Mr. Lil Freak” Usher and “Already Taken” Trey Songz December 5, at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA… “Expect to be excited,” Miguel tells BE, he tells us  this show is a different dynamic as far as musically in comparison to the “Music Saved My Life Tour.” They will have more latitude to experiment and do a few things that people are not used to seeing from an urban act. “I go out there with the intention of getting people’s attention and making sure that people have a great show,” Miguel tells BE. “The “OMG Tour” is going to be Future Sexy” and he urges everyone to definitely check it out along with his album.

[PHOTO: Kenneth Cappello]

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