Gabriel Hart: Video Vanguard

Gabe & Rocko Da DonA “vanguard” is defined as the leading units in an army as well as the leading position in any movement or field. If that holds true, then Gabriel Hart is the greatest video director you never knew. Don’t believe me? Just ask him! While attending a technical school in Atlanta, he found himself at the “Digital Aquarium” of Georgia State University.  This “aquarium” is a technical production workspace, in which Hart learned to sharpen his talents in graphic design, production, editing, and directing.
Gabe, Cube, Jeezy
Hart’s productions began in spring of 2002 and he has had the opportunity to with everyone from rappers to actors to politicians. I sat down with him a few weeks ago to discuss his recent success – three MTV “Jam of the Week” rankings for 3 consecutive videos on 3 consecutive weeks.  Both “My President is Black,” and “Who Dat,” by Young Jeezy, and “I’ll Be In The Sky,” by B.o.B were featured on the music channel. Gabe, like myself, had recently returned from Inauguration weekend and had much to say about the road to success. This interview is so DOPE and so ENTERTAINING, that I have to give you the full audio! You don’t want to miss this as Mr. Hart pulls no punches here – just check out what he has to say about why BET wouldn’t play “My President” until after the election. Check it out below along with Gabe Hart’s videography.


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Check out Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat,” directed by Gabe Hart


Here’s B.o.B’s “I’ll Be In The Sky,” directed by Gabe Hart


Check out Young Jeezy’s “My President,” directed by Gabe Hart


Check out Ne-Yo’s “A Milli Remix” video, directed by Gabe Hart



Here’s Bangladesh’s “ADIDAS,” directed by Gabe Hart



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  1. I did work for Gabe “Video God” Hart on two B.O.B music videos. A two day shoot over a year ago, still no payment. As a professional with a solid reputation I advise future crew members to get payment upfront. This man is not to be trusted.

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