G.E.M. – The Next Jewel to Blow

Meet Bianca Francis, better known as G.E.M., 23 year old female rapper currently based out of Atlanta. From the moment you meet her, you know there’s something special about her, and when you hear her story and inspirations for mastering the entertainment game, you’ll be hooked on more than just the exterior this Green Eyed Mami possesses.

J.Write: How long have you been rapping and doing what you do?

J.Write: I know you’re from Connecticut. Are you living in the A now? If so, how does it feel to be from up top, but to be repping the dirty south?

J.Write: What are you doing to make sure you get heard out here and satisfy your musical endeavors?

J.Write: You definitely have a different & eclectic look; tell me about your nationalities.

J.Write: What’s going to set G.E.M. apart?

G.E.M.: Well my sound and my look will definitely set me apart because being who I am and putting my culture into my music as well as my own energy and my own creativity; it just makes a whole new talent and a whole new genre of music. But my music is so mixed up with pop, rock, hip hop, reggae beats, Caribbean beats, and Cape Verdean beats…all that, it’s just mixed with so many things. It’s universal.

G.E.M. speaks very confidently as she looks forward to being the representation of what she calls “a voiceless female game”. She misses the days when Missy, Kim , and Foxy had the torch, but since all of them have paved her a lane, she’ll gladly accept it and show the next generation what a real G.E.M. is like. Alongside with being the next rap queen, she plans on healing her fellow sisters by starting foundations and being a storng force in the sisterhood movement. Currently, this rapstress is grinding hard in the studio and putting in work on mixtapes. G.E.M. is no stranger to the open mic and showcase scene, which is where she plans on staying even when she makes it huge. She’s always felt connected to her fan base, which continues to grow with every stage she rocks. 






J.Write: We previously discussed your look and how you bring something fresh and new to the game, which is exactly how America feels about this historical election. What’s your input on todays political happenings?

G.E.M.: I was totally for Obama! He brings a great change and a very different outlook to America, and he speaks really well for the minorities and middle class people. I couldn’t be happier for a President today; I backed him 100%! As far as him empowering everybody and women’s rights is great to see and empowers everybody to believe that they can do it too.

J.Write: If you had the priviledge of meeting Obama, what would be the 1st thing you would say to him or ask him?

G.E.M:  First of all I would congratulate him on being the first Black President of the United States, and just look forward to all the good things that are beginning to come. But my question would be, what kind of plans does he have for the different cultures that are coming to the US and wanting to be citizens, but have to be away from their families? I know when my grandparents came it wasn’t easy for them, you know?

Look for G.E.M on www.myspace.com/gem612001 and www.myspace.com/greeneyemami


 Check out G.E.M.’s hit, “Born Wit It B*tch”…

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