Get Busy with Congo Idol Innoss B

Meeting 15 year old Congo musician Innoss B was interesting. He’s a big burst of energy packed into a little framed teenager, who could probably win over just about anybody he meets and gets the chance to entertain.

Innoss and BE Magazine BEcame quick friends after we heard his story of winning Congo’s American Idol and getting the opportunity to work with an artist that he also recognizes as one of his idols, Akon. Innoss B relocated to the U.S. in 2010 after winning Congo Idol to further his craft as a performer and a songwriter, and to finish the magic that he and Akon started back in Africa.

After meeting Innoss B and connecting with his team, they asked us to stop by a photo shoot the swagged out 15 year old was having to get a little more insight on just who this magnetic international teen is. When we walked into the shoot, Innoss and his brothers and managers were up in line dancing to Innoss’ music, which contained very melodic and up BEat chants infused with extreme hip hop undertones. They immediately told us to jump in and catch the BEat. Innoss was in front leading the pack and showing us what the next move was, while we grooved and had to quickly catch on. Ladies BE careful of this little dude…he’s already got the moves.892559_10151400989894442_1098943547_o

After the quick dance session, our Executive Editor Que Jackson sat down with Innoss B to discuss everything from Congo Idol, his music, transitioning from Africa to the States, his foundation, all the way to the eclectic look that his team has put together for the promo shoot.

Take a listen to the interview BElow and see just how bright this upcoming artist really is.

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