Get to Know DIRT: The RiseUp is Real

In a time when rappers are spitting lyrics about money & strip clubs, there’s a rapper rising from the bottom to notable status as an authentic street lyricist. DIRT is telling the stories of his experience from growing up in the streets, in poverty, and with odds stacked against him. This Mississippi dude has sparked controversy with his lyrics, ad libs, and even his industry name but from what we can tell, he has a story to share and hustling hard to get it out there. DIRT has a EP title “Six” out and “Mobb Figga” has BEen leaked from his upcoming project.

BE-Mag: So DIRT, tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what do you bring to the music industry?

DIRT: Wassup man. Yeah, I’m from Mississippi first and foremost, bottom of the map where the United States run out. And I’m bringing straight 90’s style rap, versatility, the “real” gangsta street sh*t, everyday situations, everyday problems, real gansta rap, the trials and tribulations that people can relate to. Telling the survival stories of the underdog, ya feel me, but we always rise to the occasion.

BE-Mag: We’re glad to have you here shooting for the Hip Hop Style Issue. Who are some of your influences in the industry?

Dirt: Well coming from Mississippi, you know, I came up in the Master P era with No Limit, Cash Money Boys, T.I. (one of the Icons) that really inspire me to do what I do. Trae Tha Truth, 2Pac most definitely has inspired to be true to myself and not to bite ya tongue when you BElieve in something.

BE-Mag: So as an artist you have to BE true to yourself?

DIRT: Most definitely, if you’re not true to yourself, there’s no longevity. If you are lying & spitting the untruth; you will BE exposed somewhere along your career. My sht is not BEing fabricated, “it’s that pure coke from Columbia”…. {lol “It’s that no blank”} … fa sho that no blank, no grey area.

BE-Mag: Do you have any new music coming out soon that we should BE on the look for?

DIRT: I have a single out right now, DOPE featuring Rocko and Trae Tha Truth. I’ve got a mix tape on livemixtapes that’s out right now and working another one mix tape to drop soon and a full album. Yeah, we’ve BEen just working. We just flew in from Houston and came right here for that shoot.

BE-Mag: Well appreciate you for flying in and BEing a part of this movement.

DIRT: It’s a honor to BE apart of this shoot today man, I’m humbled to even BE included with other artist that work hard and don’t judge you by where you are in your career but BElieve in the grind and your hustle to make it happen.

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[Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Assad Tyler]

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