Getting BEhind the Mastermind of Maggie Tales

The story of creation may BE a tale that’s still up for discussion in some people’s mind, but when you think of the opposite end of the spectrum, the saga of death is a little bit more simple. We all go through the much known and anticipated circle of life, and as adults we’ve come to grasp the theory of death after life. Christians even take it a step further and have an ingrained faith about life after death, and where we spend that life once we end our time here on earth. For adults, we get it…it’s BEen  taught, sought, & understood, but how can we easily break down this concept to youth and our younger generations?

Author Chiquita Lockett has the perfect remedy: Maggie Tales. Maggie Tales is a children’s picture book that explains exactly what heaven is & leaves little to the imagination about its BEautiful wonders. The book is in memory of Chiquita’s BEloved grandmother and is her perfect plan to explain not only the treasures you get when u live a good life, but also how to deal with losing those that are closest to us.

BEfore even opening Maggie Tales, you’ll quickly notice the brilliant colors that explode off the page. The book is an awesome palet of multiculturalism, showcasing the many colors and nationalities of our world’s melting pot. When kids flip through the pages, not only will they surely find someone that looks like them, but they’ll also draw comaprisions to Heaven BEing close to life on earth, but magnified to the hundredth degree.


Maggie Tales is a holiday must have! Once kids pick this book up, it’ll BE one of those stories that they’ll find themselves looking back at over and over for it’s deep engrained message of hope and easy understanding of the cycle of life.

“Precocious 5 year old Maggie asks the BIG question: Mommy, Where’s Heaven?, and her mom answers by using festive and colorful imagery to paint a picture for little Maggie. By showing people from many diverse backgrounds, this book is meant to be an inviting and lively conversation-starter on the Circle of Life. For ages 4-10.” (~


Paperback: 30 pages
Publisher: JaMarl Publishing
Release Date: October 3, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0971981868
ISBN-13: 978-0971981867
Twitter: @MaggieTales

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