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Sheneka Adams is more than just a BEautiful face on the cover of countless magazines or the hot young model in music videos! She is a 21 year old young woman with dreams and ambitions who is striving everyday to keep a positive outlook on life. “I’m just me” explains, Sheneka. “I grew up in Athens Georgia, and I now live in Atlanta Ga. I am the girl that sits at home with no make up, with a big t shirt eating cereal and watching cartoons! I’m outgoing, outspoken, and I like to have fun! I’m not reserved at all. I live for each day. I try to stay positive. I dislike negative energy, and I like to BE around positive people. I love talking to people and giving advice.  I am not always glamoured up. If you see me on a normal day, you probably would not recognize me, but when it is time to put my mask on, its time!”

Sheneka always knew growing up that she wanted to model, and she didn’t let anyone or anything keep her from obtaining her goal.  “I love modeling! This is initially what I started off wanting to do. Growing up, I would watch videos and take magazines to school and tell everyone that this is going to BE me. Of course, no one BElieved me. I was popular in school, but I was also hated. I was told I would BE the first to get pregnant and the first to drop out. When someone tells me something like that, it only makes me go harder.  I graduated from high school and two weeks later, I came to Atlanta.  I met up with a photographer who took some pictures of me and put the pictures online.  I went to my first casting with Yung Joc and Shawty Lo. I was picked! Since then it had really took off.”

While things BEgan to pop off for Shaneka, like for most artists, things from her past also followed her. “It was true. I was dating a guy at 18.  I thought I was in love. I trusted him, and when he was away, I would send him pictures and videos of myself. I never thought it would follow me. It actually got released over a year ago, but people did not start paying attention until World Star Hiphop picked it up. It was a lesson learned. I am not mad or anything. He did not force me. I did it on my own.  I just learned from it and moved on.”  And that’s exactly what Sheneka has done.

Today, Sheneka is focusing on her career and getting herself as much positive exposure as possible. “I don’t really do videos anymore. I mostly focus on magazines, hosting parties, and events. I want to build my brand on BEing a socialite. I can’t model forever. I have a whole bunch of magazines coming out. I have a few reality show offers.” When asked if she will BE starring in her own reality show, Sheneka replied “Can’t talk about it that much, but we will see…”

With all these great accomplishments BEhind her, we asked Sheneka who are her biggest inspirations. She replied with great ease, “I look up to the Oprah’s and BEyonce’s of the world. Even Will Smith.  These are people who are very successful in each venture that they are in. Oprah with television, BEyonce with music, and Will Smith with acting.  They did not get there from BEing the average Joe Blow. They came with something different and had confidence.  I look at them and say they came from nothing and turned themselves into something. That is how I want to BE.”

With a positive attitude like she has Sheneka, is well on her way  to rerouting her sex siren status to also BEing a role model for all. The advice she gives to young people who want to get in this business is something that we all should adhere to; “I tell people to follow whatever it is you want to do in life. BE careful. There are a lot of people out here that will take advantage of people who don’t know the ends and outs. Don’t BE afraid to ask people who are in here and have experience.  Don’t get got! A manager doesn’t get paid until you do, so you should not have to pay someone to manage you. Every check is not a good check.”

Make sure you check Sheneka out on her future endeavors. In the meantime, you can keep up with Sheneka on twitter, @sheneka_adams, on facebook/officialshenekaadams, and her blog site, www.dirtyrichlies.com.

Sheneka Adams Photo Shoot Credits:

Photographed by Chad “Styleyes” Bush” | Styled by Jasper Rose & Quis Guthrie | Makeup by LaKesha “Lady Makeup” Quinn | Hair by W.Alexander 

Sheneka Adams WardroBE:

Grey Dress by Jasper Rose Signature, Blue Dress by Brian Lamar, Jacket by Nicci Hou, Shoes by Heelz by Hillz, Jewelry by Tamarici Jewels

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  • jayla

    her nappy kitchen is showing in one of these pictures LOL

  • I would be proud to be Mr. Sheneka Adams. Even if I am an older man.

  • brad

    Hi Sheneka, you are extremely beautiful. I would love to meet up with you some night, I’d pay big money. My cell number is 617-549-4275. Be happy to answer any questions. Best, Brad

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