Getting to the ROOT of Bob Marley…30 Years of RememBErance

Since today is the 30th anniversary of Bob Marleys Death…and everybody knows how BE feels about passing the NATURAL MYSTIC, we’ve BEen asked to make sure we bring some attention to all he’s done and what he still means to music. We actually came across a BLAZING website that has lots of Marley tributes going on today. Check out for what they have going on…I’ve BEen reading & coughing all day!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of a true musical pioneer, a man whose impact transcended class, race and culture all over the world. The reggae legend inspired an almost spiritual following among a diverse set of believers, who expressed their devotion in iconography as varied as indigenous Australian shrines and posters on college-dorm-room walls.Article Link:,0

PHOTO GALLERY: Images of Marley’s Living Legacy
Bob Marley died 30 years ago, but the reggae icon left quite a legacy of children and grandchildren. See what his descendants (including his high-fashion granddaughter) are up to.
Gallery Link:

Special thanks to Camila of Brainchild Associates for putting in that request & for repping hard for her Jamaican roots!

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