Girlie – Changing the Female Game

The world recently just found out that “Diva is the female version of a hustler”, and if that’s true, there has to be a definition behind being “Girlie”!

If you’ve been listening to the radio, Beyonce just revealed the true meaning behind diva, but the world is about to get their first taste of what it means to be “Girlie”, and who better to fill you in than the woman in the mirror? 

Jamaican rapper Girlie is no secret to the underground rap game, in fact, she’s been making international moves networking from Jamaica all the way to the A, and she’s setting the stage to embark upon the entire nation. This comes at an opportune and necessary time with the lack of female artists in the game right now.

Ok, we’ve got Missy, Lil Mama (I think), Trina, and maybe a few others that are still afloat, but Girlie says it best when asked about fellow female representation. “I mean, it’s POOR! We are unrepresented right now and I’m ready to be that much needed change in female hip hop”. Lots of females feel as though they are constantly slept on, or of course have to be slept with to make it BIG in this heavily male populated industry, but Girlie rests assured that her diversity and skill level will set her apart from the norm that usually send most ladies packing. Whether she’s spitting over her hometown Jamaican tracks, or keeping it “dirty dirty” in Atlanta, Girlie relies purely upon talent to set the precedence for her career. She’s not worried about being an overlooked spectacle in this game; for her it’s more than talk, she has the look, the name, and the tongue to back up any props that she and anyone who’s ever heard her rhyme can throw out there.

“I plan on taking my music and craft to a whole ‘nother level. Along with rapping over my reggae beats, I plan on transitioning the music that I bring in to a more fun electronica platform”. Music has been such a dynamic and diverse arena, and Girlie understands the need to transition right along with music’s changes, which is why she can’t help but get excited about all that’s coming up in 2009. Whether it’s grinding at her 2nd home (the studio) or hitting a stage doing her rapping and/or actress thing, Girlie is ready to BE the next big thing. 

Currently you can find Girlie grinding from city to city on a personal promo tour making sure everybody knows she is the truth at what she does and that she will not stop for anything or anyone. Girlie plans to rise to the top quickly and is clearly headed on the right road…

To get the musical scoop on Girlie visit:

Check out two blazing singles from Girlie, “Boujee” & “Girlie Got It” which features Lil Wayne…Let us know what you think!

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