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When we think of the essence of a true artist, one may BEgin to assert that artists are essentially hybrids: a genetic package that is comprised of multiple elements that makes the particular artist in question distinctive, and unique to their specific genre. For example, when we think of classic R&B, one may pay homage to the likes of Otis Redding, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder for their eclectic blending of soul and blues. In a like fashion, R&B and neo-soul crooner, Glenn Lewis cites these aforementioned artists as his musical influences. Moreover, Lewis openly addresses the idea of hybridity in music creativity in his interview with BE Magazine’s music editor, Larry Walker, and most importantly, Lewis makes it perfectly clear that he wants to “give existing fans a body of work that they can feel that personal connection,” which is what Lewis allows in his most recent album effort, “Moment of Truth.”

Most listeners will fondly remember Glenn Lewis’ leading track “Don’t You Forget It” from his debut effort, “World Outside My Window,” followed by the equally memorable record entitled, “It’s Not Fair.” He is also featured on the following tracks that certainly deserve a listen: “Never Fall in Love” by Gordon Chambers, “This Love” by Marsha Ambrosius, and “BEyond the Stars” by Jeff Bradshaw. Throughout the years following his initial album “World Outside My Window,” the Toronto native has remained quite busy within the musical scene, following a brief hiatus. Lewis provides further details concerning his hiatus in the interview conducted. Here’s a glimpse into the interview:

It’s great having the opportunity to speak with you, what have you BEen up to for the past couple of years?

    It’s BEen ten years since my last project. I was initially signed to Sony Records for my lead single “Don’t You Forget It,” followed by the second single, “It’s Not Fair.” I also completed a couple more music projects with Sony. I completed a single for “Maid in Manhattan” starring my label mate at the time, Jennifer Lopez, called, “Fall Again.” During this ten-year window, there were so many changes and consolidating with Sony records. New regime, new changes concerning the production of my sophomore project, caused a disconnect BEtween myself and my respective managing team concerning the album’s direction that eventually led me to move amicably from Sony. Fast forwarding to 2010, I connected with Chris Schwartz of Ruffhouse Records, and next thing you know, “Moment of Truth” propelled forward, with the lead single, “Can’t Say Love.”

Do you feel like “Moment of Truth” is a sophomore album?

     Literally, yes.. Technically, this is my fifth album. I made a few albums in BEtween.  My second effort was entitled, “Back for More,” followed by my third effort, “RememBEr Me.” I put forth material for the next few albums that never surfaced. Realistically, “Moment of Truth” feels more like a fourth album to.

Is there any juxtaposition to your new album in comparison to your previous projects? Similar sounds on the new project, “Moment of Truth?”

     For me, “Moment of Truth” shows growth in my artistic approach and process. My first album was more introspective, and this one, my current effort, is not a complete departure from the introspective scope. In “Moment of Truth,” I seek to bridge the era of the music that I come out of, to the R&B music of today.

Are there any features on your current effort?

     I had the pleasure of working with Melanie Fiona, the hometown heroine. Needless to say, she has the makings of one of the greatest female voices of this generation. She’s featured on the single, “All My Love,” which is an R&B record with reggae tones. The rest of “Moment of Truth” is me. I want to give existing fans a body of work that they can feel that personal connection rather than relying on collaborations to validate.

Next single? Next video?

     That’s a good question. A couple of options have BEen thrown in the pot. We have options on what directions to go into for the next single, and that’s a good thing. We have some tricks up our sleeve. To BE determined.

Musical influences?

    My musical influences consist of anyone that’s passionate, anyone that can BE distinguished in their craft—from well-known artists, to niche artists. My musical influences range from Guy, Boyz II Men, Donny Hathaway, Earth, Wind, & Fire, early Michael Jackson, The Gap Band, and Stevie Wonder. Vocally, I’m inspired by their vocal styling and their body of work.

When can we expect the album?

The album is set to release on OctoBEr 15th. The BEst way I can put it, is that it’s like hitting the lottery twice. I’m very fortunate, very blessed to BE doing what I’m doing. I wasn’t always outgoing, I was much an introvert when I was younger, but  BEing able to make music, which is something that I love, to travel, meet people, perform live, making brand new connections… All the way around the board, I’m excited, I’m in a good place.

When was your last time in Atlanta? When can we catch you in Atlanta?

     I was recently in Atlanta on the radio promotional grind for the new album. I had an interview with V103 and Hot 107.9. I was also in Atlanta on August 14 for ATL Live. I am excited for the new album; it’s like hitting the lottery twice.

How can we connect with you concerning updates concerning your music, shows, tour dates, etc.?

Hit me up on Twitter at @BEingGlennLewis, on Facebook at GlennLewis4Real, and at the official webpage, GlennLewisofficial.com.

     After the warm goodbyes were given, and after listening in on the interview, I must say that I am equally excited about Glenn Lewis’ new album. For me, as an avid supporter of what he brings to the R&B and neo-soul genre, I always find myself wanting more material to listen to, and I know that Lewis delivers on “Moment of Truth.” I was also intrigued by his excitement about his new effort. When one’s craft comes from a genuine place, a happy place, the innate passion will BE reflected in the music itself, and for this very reason, I can proclaim that BE Magazine is equally excited about “Moment of Truth.” Readers, take a listen to Glenn Lewis, a true gem of an artist, your ears will not BE disappointed.

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