Gloss Da Boss – The Global Mogal

Atlanta Rapper & fashionista Gloss Da Boss recently  jumped back in the lab for her sophomore Mixtape Gloss World “The Evolution” where she teamed up with industry heavy-hitters Zaytoven, Future, Stuey Rock, & more. The projects not only gives deeper insight into Gloss’ World, but showcases her blatant and raw lyrical talent. If you don’t know Gloss by now, all I can say is welcome to Gloss’ World…

You just released your sophomore Mixtape…what can the fans expect?
Dope lyrics and dope music, period. I kept it Hip-Hop but it’s still versatile with the flow, mix-ups and the different sounds. I have my ATL-feeling bouncy records and then I have my New York up-top set. So I provide a little bit for everyone. It’s a very well rounded project. I also have sum pretty dope features with artists such as Future, Stuey Rock, Zaytoven, Sonny Digital Shawty Lo and another upcoming rapper named Mac Peelo.

You received a lot of love on your features, how does it feel to work with so many hot artists?
It feels great considering the fact that I’m a new artist, so they could easily diss me but they showed love. It’s pretty dope. And it’s motivation on my end to continue to work hard. I try to learn little tactics from everyone I work with, but only if it makes sense and contributes to my growth as an artist and person.

BEing an indie artist, what kind of pushes are you doing to still relate to the mainstream?
Just staying current but at the same time keeping in touch with myself and providing my own flavor so I don’t sound like everyone else on the radio.

What are your favorite songs on the project?
My favorite songs are “XOXO” which is a love song that has like a Caribbean feel. “Fame” is another classic because it has that old-school Hip-Hop vibe that’s more of a story-telling record and “Feelin It,” which is a remix I did to a Jay-z joint on his first album Reasonable Doubt because he is my favorite MC and I always remake one of his songs on every mixtape.

What’s next for Gloss Da Boss?
More music, which I’m really hyped about because I’ve been working with a really dope producer from England and we’ve been creating some amazing records. That’s part of the reason why I call myself the ‘Global Mogul.’ I have so many ideas for music and other ventures that require me to think and move on a major scale. I’m also still working The Evolution mixtape, which is a follow-up to my debut Gloss World: The Introduction and performing and really building up the ‘Gloss’ brand from the music to my reading program and putting in full effect the big plans that I have and want to attack.





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