Gloss da Boss






If the name doesn’t stop you the 20 year-old’s looks, style, and lyrics most definitely will. 7years after surprising everyone with her talents at school talent shows, she is ready to storm into the Music Industry and take over.  Being a New York native but raised in Atlanta, she is giving you the best of both worlds the North and the South. Not only the best of both worlds when it comes to location but Gloss along with music would not be able to live without her Fashion. From the Christian Louboutin (Red Bottoms), Louis Vuitton, and Chanel to the more inexpensive styles from H&M to Forever21 incorporating fashion into her music is a must.


Below: BE Magazine got the opportunity to sit with the lovely Gloss in an interview where she shared with our viewers, Exactly who she is and what she’s about.


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