Go Further with #FORDATL Ambassador Lorielle Broussard


Lorielle Broussard BEgan her career as a stylist/costume designer for TV, film and music while she was a student at Spelman College.  She also co-founded and was the CEO and designer of Barack the Vote, LLC.  She was responsible for managing and executing the creative direction of the company as well as overseeing its day-to-day operations.


Lorielle has BEen exposed to the many different career paths that TV & film have to offer. She BEgan her path in TV working on “Tyler Perry’s ‘House of Payne’;” to name a few others, she worked on “Law & Order: Los Angeles” in the costumes department and also as the Costume Coordinator on ABC’s “Body of Proof.”  She also was a producer as well as the costume designer for “Purple Stuff TV”, a current news comedy sketch web-series, created by Brandon Broussard.

With the success of her and Brandon Broussard’s company Barack the Vote, LLC., Lorielle was featured (along with Brandon) in the January 2009 edition of Black Enterprise as one of the top entrepreneurs under 35 to look out for in the future.  She also was featured in the BET Docu-Series, “The Second Coming: Will Black America Decide 2012?”  As of January, 2015 she holds a seat on the Board of Directors for WIFTA, Women in Film & Television Atlanta.

She gives her alma mater, Spelman College a lot of credit in developing her skills to live in the world today. She BElieves that her experience at Spelman College has helped shape the person she has BEcome today and helped her realize all the things that she was capable of doing.  Spelman prepared her for things that she never knew she would even face in her life and career.  “I realized my senior year that no matter what people tell you, if you BElieve you can do something then you will. I BElieve this is why I have BEen successful in my career and have never given up on my dreams and aspirations.”

As of DecemBEr 2013, Lorielle Broussard BEgan her position as the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment. In this position, she oversees all communication out of the office, including but not limited to press releases, media advisories, as well as community educational training panels.  She also developed and manages all of the communication channels and relationships that span across the social media channels, publication and network relationships, as well as journalist relationships.  Lorielle is also in the process of creating a vehicle for local business owners to engage and nurture relationships with the production companies to BEtter their relationships with each other.

That’s how you #GOFURTHER in your career. Lorielle will BE joining the rest of the #FORDATL Ambassadors tomorrow evening for the First Take with Ford #FORDATL private event hosted by super producer Will Packer. Will you BE joining us?


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