Going Back & Giving Back – Atlanta’s Celebrity Youth Foundations

In an industry where many are called but few are chosen to be your mainstream actors, singers, producers, and rappers what their real role or job is, is much greater than what many may think. Because they are your most known and looked up to people in the world, their main role is to be leaders.  This is so that one day they will be able to give back by teaching younger generations (followers) to do the same. Their job for the most part is to basically:

1. Achieve great things by working hard and doing positive things.

2.Do what all great leaders are called to do, “Lead”. Give your followers the skills, knowledge, and opportunities excellent leaders before you afforded you, so your followers can one day do the same.

Although, many of your artists do achieve great things by working hard, not all step to the plate and go back and afford others the opportunities given to them. In other words most artist don’t GO BACK AND GIVE BACK.

However, there are some artists out there who do GO BACK AND GIVE BACK. Three artist who BE Magazine decided to point out are Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, and Sammie Bush.

In 2001 Chris Bridges or Ludacris as we know him founded the Ludacrs foundation or “TLF”. By uplifting families, communities, and fostering economic development TLF inspires youth through education and memorable experiences to live their dreams. Since 2001 TLF has been named one of the top twenty “Leading Philanthropy Foundations”, by Black Enterprise Magazine and featured in Robb Reports Worth Magazine as well as The Chronicles of Philanthropy.

“It’s time for our kids to be known for more than sports and entertainment. It is time for them to be known for expressing profound thought”

Says Antwan “Big Boi” Patton (founder of the Big Kidz Foundation).

With the mission being, “To nurture the intellect of youth by providing them with culturally diverse experiences, in the field of humanities, which will expand their leadership abilities and create social-conscious individuals”, the Grammy award winning artist is setting a great foundation in students lives to build upon. The foundation was founded in 2006 with a firm belief that cultural exposure, musical and literary expression, and the invaluable experiences of travel make for a well-rounded person. Keeping this in mind the foundation has been able to stay successful and on the right track.

The last of the 3 is Sammie Bush with Sammie’s Youth Foundation. Focused on encouraging youth to respect their parents, values, education, and embrace their music abilities by engaging in positive music Sammie’s Youth Foundation is a foundation that BE Magazine had to include in this issue. In an interview with Kiddunot Sammie said, “Education and music equally have always been a part of my life and I’ve been blessed to make smart choices that enabled me to share my story with my peers”. The quote itself is great because it summarizes how BE Magazine feel a celebrity should feel and what they should do. Go back and give back.

Each foundation is applauded by BE Magazine because of its efforts to change the lives of today’s youth, by giving them the basic tools needed to set a great foundation so they can also be leaders. Maybe not your rappers, singers, producers, or just entertainers but just giving them the basic tools to fulfill any dreams that they have.

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