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Guess who’s back on the Block?






It’s the number one Hood Figga, none other than the A’s Gorilla Zoe!

Z oe is ready to jump back on the scene with a new album Don’t Feed the Animals” that is listed in Wikipedia as being scheduled to drop on Bad Boy South January 13, 2009!  From grinding in the studio to jetsetting for video shoots, which he just shot the video to his radio killer “Lost” featuring none other than one of the most recently acclaimed  G.O.A.T.’s, Lil Wayne!

Gorilla Zoe is prepping hard to deliver greatness for his fans on this sophomore album. Along with Block, who works with a group of A-listers constantly, Zoe’s working with a long list of heavy hitting producers including Atlanta’s own Maestro. He also has a sweltering list of artist he’s collaborating with on this follow up album. “It’s definitely gonna be Hot To Death people!” Zoe explains, as he informs BE Mag of his inspirations for this project; Tupac, BIG, Jimmy Hendrix, Kanye, Jeezy, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne were a few that made the list.

Since Zoe first hit the music game as a member of a group, many wonder whether his solo success has an affect on his personal endeavors, but Zoe promises that his friendship with longtime group members Boyz in the Hood is still strong, yet competitive. He states, “While each person is supportive and helpful to the other with helping them get their music out there, we still compete for that fan base, music rotation, etc.”

For those who think that Hip-Hop is dead, think again! With Lil Wayne resurrecting the game, Zoe says he’s happy to see the turn around. “Now everybody can get their chance to be a part of Rap history as we know it. He’s been in the game a long time, and he’s not slowing up anytime soon.” On this sophomore album, Zoe intends to hit the airwaves with something that’s BANGING on every track!  Rest assured Zoe wants his fans to know that despite the success of his first album, on the new album, he knows a whole lot more, and he shows it with the effort and variety he’s put into this album. There is a whole lot to check out on Zoe’s new album, a listener’s delight! He promises to stimulate your mind as well as get your body to moving!!

Check him out at www.myspace/gorillazoe96!

Here’s a little of Zoe’s latest music to keep you intrigued!!!

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