Gotti – Still Getting Cash Money

The name Gotti is a household name whether you’re talking gangster, actor, or rapper. It’s been a staple name in our society which usually parallels the fact that you are hardcore and getting money…

This speaks volumes for Chicago native & veteran rapper Gotti, who once proudly completed the well known rap duo Boo & Gotti, a group most noted for their rise to fame under fellow Chi-Town superstar R.Kelly’s label Rock Land Records, but also went on to be one of the hottest groups to bless Cash Money Records. You probably remember their hot 16’s on R.Kelly’s “I Wish – Remix” & “Fiesta – Remix”, as well as on Ja-Rule, Jermain Dupri, Cash Money, and a bunch of other artists hits records; and that doesn’t even get into their own projects. 

Gotti first began rappring 10 years ago, after being locked up and beating his case. He was helping his cousin out, when he began tro find his own persona as an artist. To test his rapping theory, gotti dropped an independent album, which featured some of the industry’s underground champs at the time, and sold over 13,000 copies. This is what led R.Kelly to first show interest in the rising rapper. Kells eventually put together Boo & Gotti, and the rest is history…still in the making. 

Well Gotti is back, but on the solo scene, showing the world that he is still making that cash money all the way from Chicago to Atlanta…and everywhere inside, outside, and in between. Gotti is infamously known for his well delivered street flows, which is quite common in midwest rappers, even with them often times being overlooked. “Yeah man, we’rein the middle of everything. So they try to do that to big up the East coast, or the West Coast, you  know Down South, whatever man, but the Midwest speaks for itself with the record sales. Look at Kanye, Nelly, and Eminem; they gon’ always sale records. Then you got Lupe, and my favorite artist Common. Common is just one of those cool dudes, we always chop it up whenever we see each other; he a good dude. And I like the way he’s going about his acting thing, and the pro-black and the teaching people; he’s very intelligent.”

Gotti has been grinding hard in the streets! He’s consistently put out mixtape after mixtape – “Gotti for President”, “R.Kelly Presents Gotti the Hustler”, & his latest mixtape, which is still appreciated and gaining it’s much deserved respect, “Gotti Obama” featuring Lil Wayne – in preparation for his next major album. Gotti is aware that it’s a brutal game out here, so to keep the mixtapes coming, and the grind ethic up is what keeps Gotti in the public eye (where he belongs), as well as the show money continuously flowing in.  “Mixtapes are important man. You can do stuff on there that you couldn’t necessarily do on an album…like rock over somebody else’s track that you really like, or something else that you really can relate to. When you’re in the music game, you’re still a fan of music, so [on mixtapes] you can jump on a joint with them. It’s also a good way to network and get your name out there in the streets. When you put out your album, if you’re good, the mainstream is going to be there regardless, but if you hot in the streets, your mixtape will be respected.”

Gotti’s latest mixtapepays tribute to this important and historic election year, and our 44thPresident-Elect Barack Obama; and who better to team up with Gotti, than 08’s hip hopper of the year Lil Wayne. “The Obama Campaign…I wanted to let people know that I was going for Obama, and how important it was for us to have Obama in office, not just to have a black president, but he’s been living in Chicago since after high school, so I wanted to name it Gotti Obama to support the movement. I actaully put it out at the end of August, and got Lil Wayne on there, who was one of the hottest MC’s at the time.”

Gotti can’t help but reflect on his midwest roots, even though he’s been recognized all over the world for his talents. “Man, I like Kanye too; you know Kanye is from the Chi, he produced two songs off me an Boo’s first album. I got Kells on the mixtape too. I’m actaully back working with Rock Land Records. I like working with any Chicago underground artists. I’m all for the “Midwest Movement”, but I’m for the USA in general, not just the Midwest. I just left Africa, I was in Nigeria, and was there for the last 3 years, so I’m loving the whole US hip hop movement in general. That’s what I’m about!” 

We can undeniable give Gotti his proper “VETERAN” label, even if the limelight hasn’t always been at the focal point of his career. Gotti has been able to see both sides of the playing field, and is definitely more knowledgable about making an impact in this industry. “It keeps me humble to be able to be on the mainstream level, yet still have to work so hard underground. It makes me want to work harder.” Gotti and his own company G Enterprise, is looking forward to 09 and getting back in the studio to hopefully have his new album “Mr. McFly” out by early summer, but Gotti knows better than to speak on any of the real logistics until he’s ready and knows there’s no turning back. You can also expect some material from Gotti under Rock Land Records real soo too.


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