B.o.B – Grand Hustle's crown prince is no court jester

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Speaking from the standpoint of a fan, watching B.o.B - The new crown prince of Grand Hustlean artist that you like rise from obscurity to super stardom is like a thrill ride. You tend to think of yourself as growing with that artist. As songs/albums from that artist drop, you begin to assimilate them into your memory matching them with certain periods your own life. Think Outkast, “Players Ball.”

B.o.B – the new prince of Grand Hustle Records – is grindin to be the artist you check for. Signed in 2008 to the house that T.I. built, B.o.B is gearing up to make 2009 his best year yet.

“Grand Hustle and Rebel Rock are both on Atlantic [Records]. Jim Jonsin, who produced “Whatever You Like,” [T.I.’s smash single] “Lollipop” [Lil Wayne’s smash] and Soulja Boy’s new single “Hit me through my phone” and I sat down with them, and my manager asked me what I thought about doing a power house with Grand Hustle. We sat down. It was me, Jim Jonsin, the execs from Atlantic. T.I. was there. And we all sat around the table. It was like a drug transaction,” he asserts while laughing. “And it was a go!”

B.o.B is not content with anything less than becoming all that he feels he was destined to become. With each step that he takes, he says he’s always is thinking about how he “can get to the next step while being grateful for achievements.”

B.o.B is certainly gifted when it comes to adding melody to a songs as needed. When we first caught wind of B.o.B, he dropped a single “Cloud 9.” (Listen below)

We found his delivery to be crisp – you find yourself wanting to hear what he’s gonna say next – and his tracks to be melodic. We asked him how he felt about artists that rely on assistance to make their songs more melodic. Like T-Pain. With the AutoTune craze hitting a feverish pitch, B.o.B stepped in a few weeks ago for some comic relief and dropped a hillarious music video spoof of “autotune artists.” When asked if there’s any real animosity, B.o.B uses humor to address it. “Whatever tool you use to make music, I feel like that’s on you. But I know if there was no electricity, I’d still be able to make music. Shouts out to T-Pain on that one,” He laughs.

If you’ve heard a few B.o.B tracks, then the comparisons to Andre 3000 of Oukast become understandable. “I would love to do a collabo. I would just love to meet them [Outkast]. I feel like while I may be going down a similar road [to them, but] I definitely feel like I’m in my own league. But just anybody that I can learn from that has an open mind, I definitely wanna callbo with them.”

His favorite track to date? “‘Double Bubble’ with Stat Quo. I was in the studio one day and I was frustrated and I didn’t know what to do. So, I went in the booth and I started ‘Bum Bum Bom Bum Bum,’ he remarks – pleased that he was able to come up with the track so organically. ” 

Click PLAY to listen to B.o.B ft Stat Quo “Double Bubble”

Watch B.o.B’s video feat. Rich Boy  “Haterz” 

Born Bobby Ray Simmons, B.o.B seems to not lack creativity. He also knows how to give credit where credit is due. “I was at the Dirty Awards. I big up Gorilla Zoe. He did something I hadn’t seen before. He came in a straight jacket with a whole like, medical team around him trying to contain him. That was creative,” he remarks. 

For more on B.o.B, please visit his MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/bobatl

Special thanks to TJ Chapman (TJsDJs) and B.Rich for always allowing us access to new ATL hitmakers!

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