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Slizz, Prince, Marc D, Soufside, and D.K. shouldn’t BE unfamiliar names! Unless you’ve been living in a cabin in the woods, by now you know these fellas as the creators of the new dance craze, the ‘Stanky Leg‘. The group was first brought together a little unexpectedly on the day of a big test in English class, Slizz and Prince used each other’s answers to fill in what they didn’t know. After class and in response to a growing tendency at the club for gang violence, they decided to get together and then gave themselves a name. “When we go to the club everybody [would] be fighting and shooting, but we like to go to the club to have fun,” Slizz explained. “So at first our name was G-Spot Boys.” Since Soufside was Prince’s brother, he naturally began to kick it with the Slizz and Prince. D.K. came on through being at school with the guys. Later “Prince met Marc D. in Theater Arts Class, cause Marc D. used to make beats on the table,” Slizz continues, even then Marc D. was producing his own beats and rhythms. As the group became tighter and they stepped onto the local scene, several parents came to feel the name ‘G-Spot Boys’ was too sexually suggestive. Being the bigger men and good sons, the fellas shortened ‘G-Spot’ and the name ‘GS Boyz’ was born.

The ‘Stanky Leg’ came about one day after Prince found himself experiencing a short period of writer’s block after listening to the beat. He recalls, “I first got the beat and I kept listening to it I didn’t like it at first…I don’t know, I really couldn’t do nothing with it. We didn’t think about it being a dance song or nothing.” He and his brother Soufside, listened to the beat on repeat for hours trying to come up with something to put to it…nothing. Finally, tired of hearing the same beat over and over, Soufside’s mom came in and told the fellas to “turn this song off, I’m tired of hearing this beat.” Instead she hooked the guys up with some pork chops and corn, they ate, Prince took a nap, woke up, and while playing around with Soufside he pushed him, “and he (Soufside) was like ‘hold up’ that’s where the ‘hold up’ came from in the song,” Prince tells J. Write. In a game of slap boxing Soufide then stopped and wiggled his leg. Prince wanted to know what that was, “I don’t know, its called ‘stanky’,” Prince says about what Soufside told him, “let’s just call it ‘stanky leg’,” Soufside suggested. “We just made the chorus right there,” Prince remembers, “cause remember I was ‘wide’ so we threw in ‘if you wide up hold up…do the stank leg’ and that was it,” he finishes.

When asked if they thought it was gonna catch on like it did, they answered, that, “it was a blessing that it did.” The song hit YouTube and from there, “everyone was wiggling their leg,” the guys tell BE.

BE Mag: And y’all shot the video in Atlanta?

GS Boys: Yeah we shot the video in Atlanta cause our budget wasn’t big enough to shoot it out here in Dallas. But our next video ‘Booty Dew’ its gone be shot out here in Dallas.

BE Mag: So ya’ll dropping the next single ‘Booty Dew’ tell me about that and your next project.

Marc D: It was real cool so we hooked up, well Prince hooked with D. Heart, that’s the producer of it, and we decided to make another club banger, so we hooked up with him, and it just kind went poppin’ from there. Basically we made something to get everybody to move again in the club, and give ‘em anotha craze. And we just gone keep working on more and more projects cause we do got to feed the people.

Check out the youtube video for ‘Booty Dew’


BE Mag: So when it comes to y’all project and the next moves where y’all wanna take the music? Where do y’all see yourselves as a group going?

Prince: In being a group everybody got their different opinions, like me, I just wanna be like at the end of the day-my goal is to be the next Jay Z or P. Diddy or the next 50 cent, create things and let it be able to sit for years and I can eat for years. Like 50 cent with the Vitamin Water, or Jay Z got the alcohol, or P. Diddy with the clothing line. Its just everybody got their different goals within the group like Marc D. he love making beats, and he’s sick on the 1’s and 2’s, so…everybody got their own goals.

BE Mag: Which is important in a group. That makes all y’all wanna eat and strive, so all y’all doin’ it, that’s what’s up.

GS Boys: Yessir

: So I don’t wanna keep y’all too long, but tell me, what’s a studio session like with the GS Boys, I mean y’all actually comedic and y’all got the comedians in the video so tell me about a typical studio session.

GS Boys: Well, it’s just like, truthfully everybody says that after the studio we got ENERGY. We bring energy…we bring fun. Cause when you get in the studio with us, you got to have fun. I believe you’ve got to have fun to make the songs tight. You can’t just sit there and be bored, you gone do some boring stuff. That’s how our songs come out with so much energy; you got to do so much stuff; we just be in there trying to get crunk trying to GET WIDE. If its about cars, about styles, even if we talking bout experience about life we still be in there having fun and what not, because that’s our energy that’s how we keep stuff moving that’s how we keep it rollin’.

BE Mag: That’s the word. Anything y’all wanna talk about with y’all deal how y’all got signed, anything; y’all wanna put out there for the fans?

Prince: We just wanna let the world know that we just signed to ‘SWAGG Team’ which is [Yung] Joc’s label, and you know what I’m saying, with Battery Records and Jive Records. It’s a blessing to have all that done, just getting exposure through YouTube, and moving the way we move. We was just five dudes before the deal, and we still just five dudes while we in the deal. That’s how its gone be going till we go, know what I’m sayin’?

BE Mag: True Dat. How y’all link up with Joc, did he spot y’all from the YouTube, or what? How did that go?

Prince: The D.J. ‘Hey Baby’ the dude he was talking about in the song, he’s a D.J. out here at K104 and the song was jamming out here on the radio station and he wanted us to come out to Louisiana and hit up Club CoCo’s, shout out to CoCo’s, and we went out there to do our thing in the club. He was like, ‘y’all know I didn’t promote the song, nobody don’t know the song and y’all just rock the club and give me a month or so and I’m a have you a deal.’ And you know everybody always promising you, saying they gone do this and do that for you, but that man right there kept his word. And within a month he called me and was like, ‘ay didn’t I tell you I’d have a deal for you,’ and I was like, yeah you did, he was like, ‘so wassup’ and Joc came on the phone and we worked it out from there.

BE Mag: Yea yea, Joc, that’s the A-Town home-team; that’s cool peoples so I’m proud of y’all boys definitely for getting it in.

GS Boys: Thank you, it’s all a blessing. We always thank God, before every show, after every show, while we with each other we’ll pray and bless him up.

BE Mag: Definitely. So how can the fans get at y’all? Y’all got myspace? Y’all Twittered up?

Marc D.: Well if you don’t got Twitter, just search on GS boys, YouTube under ‘prettyboy bbk’ ‘Stanky leg’ video is in there, the ‘Booty Dew’ video is also in there. You can also call us at 8176966627.

BE Mag: Well let us know, get at us man we got some people in Dallas that’ll come out and cover the video, we definitely got y’all.

Young gifted and black, these boys make it look easy but as they work together, give thanks for their blessings, remain humble and stay on their grind, know that it is not. The time and energy they put into their music to ‘keep it rollin’ will keep putting them higher and higher in the game. In this way the GS Boys will definitely keep bangin’ out the hits for the club, the car, the BBQ, and like they said, “to just have fun” for years to come.

Check out the youtube video of a teacher doing the new dance phenomenon the’Stanky Leg’

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