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One can never run from his true calling, his gift, his destiny – It will always BE there like a distant light glimmering off in the dusk. This is how I think of my friend and fellow industry fashion enthusiast. Gunner Doyle, is one talent that came up on the BE-Style’s radar for this Fashion Forward issue.  It is rare that you find someone with the knowledge and inspiration of all things fashion; someone that breathes creativity and has the innate ability to hone in on the difference between fashion and art. Not every young enthusiast is gifted to know what makes a statement, we have more of those that think things a pretty or go well together and few that start with a vision and end up with magic.

Gunner did not start his journey in the fashion industry; he’s more of an academic and a bright one at that. After his upbringing in Nashville, TN – he went on to higher education at Morehouse College where he majored Mathematics and Computer Science. His plans were pretty outlined from the start. And just as many graduates, he followed this plan by obtaining a career as a date analyst. To this day, Gunner adds more professional hats to his proverbial hangers – an in demand stylist in Atlanta & fashion icon (among social circles), and to add one more, he’s embarking on his new found thrill as a menswear designer. I had the chance to chat with my friend about his gift, his passion, his path, and his projection – here’s what he shared….

BE-Style: How would you describe your current goals as a creative BEing?

GD: A fashion empire. I want to build a fashion empire, but I am starting small of course. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Currently, I just want to build my brand and recognition as a stylist and menswear designer. In the next few months, God willing, I will BE showing my first menswear collection.

BE-Style: After 4 yrs of college, how did your direction change from the path you originally set?

GD: Wow, drastically. I went to MorehouseCollege and studied Mathematics and Computer Science. I wanted to be a programmer for Microsoft or Google. With that said, after graduation, I went and god a job doing what I was formally trained to do, and currently still do. But I have always had a passion for fashion, just didn’t know that it would be a career move that I would be making.

BE-Style: Do you feel this is the right path & are you inspired?

GD: Most certainly, I think it just come as natural as breathing to me. I like to draw inspiration from Confucius. He states, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” and for me that is the ultimate goal. I don’t want to wake up every morning a regret what plans are laid before me.

BE-Style: What do you feel you can contribute to the fashion industry as a designer?

GD: I think there is a resurgence of the well dressed man. With the influence of Hip-Hop culture, as great as it is, I think it became the norm to be sloppily dressed. I want to see men dress in a way that marries the class and distinction of yesteryear with an approach that is modern and fresh.

BE-Style: Do you feel designing is a natural progression from style & should all stylist wish to design?

GD: I can’t say that it is a natural progression for all. I BElieve that like in corporate America, the Peter Principle applies to the world of fashion. The Peter Principle is an observation of the way things work. When someone is successful at something, we have a tendency to think that a promotion is necessary. In this case, if someone is a great stylist, it’s assumed that they will be a great designer. But the Peter Principle states that many times people are promoted to failure, meaning that a person will eventually be promoted BEyond their level of ability. Initially, I had no desire to be a designer. I was very content with being a stylist, but like most things in my life, I look to God for my next step. After asking God to increase my territory and influence on the world of fashion, I kept BEing asked “so do you design?” And after BEing beat over the head with that question, I prayed about it, and at least for now, that path BEcame clear.

BE-Style: What inspires you?

GD: This is a tough one. Many things inspire me. For me, I don’t look for inspiration, I let it come naturally. I think anyone that has visited my home can see that. I have paintings of singers, artists, models, Freddy Kruger’s glove, and abstract art throughout my living space. So for me, inspiration can come from anywhere. I just let it happen organically. gunner2

BE-Style: Tell me 5 things men should always have in their wardrobe?

GD: LoL, this is something that varies from person to person. Every man isn’t the same. You can’t say a farmer in Kansas needs the same 5 items in his closet as a corporate man in New York City. But, if I really had to narrow it down…

1. A well tailored suit, notice I didn’t say an expensive suit. A suit from a thrift store, if given to the right tailor can look as good as a RTW Thom Browne suit… It is all in the fit.

2. A reversible belt, brown on one side, black on the other.

3. A nice pair of tapped shoes. Taps will ensure the soles last as long as possible.

4. A nice button down shirt.

5. A pair of jeans that fit well and are comfortable. I have many pairs of jeans, but I find myself going to the same ones quite frequently. I call them, my never-fail-me-jeans. I feel comfortable in them. I can dress them up or down.

BE-Style: Give me 1 huge misconception of the industry?

GD: Styling is easy. People see the great images in their favorite fashion magazine, and think, “Man I can do that, and I would love to be a stylist.” Well, let me tell you, the work done to create that image is fun, but it is far from easy. The prep work before a shoot alone can BE draining. Then, if you are like me, you think I am only as good as my last photo, so the challenge to out do what you did just one image BEfore can be a daunting task.

BE-Style: Where to you hope Gunner Doyle to BE in a few yrs? 

GD: In the closet of celebrities and everyday people… My clothing that is, not me personally…



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