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Cherelle Renee is not your everyday young adult, for her long-lived aspirations have BEcome a living reality. However, it does not stop there…she is reaching out of her comfort zone to unleash an unknown piece of her that makes this rising celebrity hair stylist uniquely chosen to BE the leader she has BEcome. This young entrepreneur is living proof that your youth years can shape you into who you are today, if you BEgin to think bigger, and dare to step outside the box. There’s no limit to this young inspiring artist’s craft. Cherelle Renee specializes in ALL TEXTURES of Complete Hair Care, Natural Hair Care/Styling, Advance Hair Coloring, Precision Haircutting, Weaves/Extensions, Micro Link Extensions, Tape/Clip-In Extensions, Custom Wigs, Keratin Treatments, Round Brush Sets/Blow Outs and Silk Presses. She also offers Off-Site Salon services like Wedding Parties/Special Occassions/Events, Celebrity Styling, Photoshoots/Videoshoots, Hair & Fashion Shows/Competitions, TV/Film & Production, Fantasy Hair & Avant Garde and more. Cherelle is not only a Master Cosmetologist & Celebrity Hairstylist, she is also an Educator and Mentor for up and coming cosmetology students. She travels to cosmetology schools to platform and mentor other aspiring artists in the industry.

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“Hair is BEauty…It isn’t just external, but internal. It’s about BEing happy with who you are. Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of BEauty, and expression of self-love. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, “BEcause of you, I didn’t give up!” I really want women to love how they feel and look. If I have something to do with that, it’s the greatest reward I can ask for! I can change someone’s day/life even just by spending a short amount of time with them. It’s about growing a relationship with your client by listening and catering to their needs, BEing sincere and truly caring. It’s about using art and talent to achieve a look that gives someone not only outer BEauty, but helps grow confidence to help them achieve goals while helping you reach yours. BEing a hair stylist means truly loving people by giving them a bit of positivity for today and leaving them with a gleaming ray of hope for tomorrow! That’s my aspiration!!!” says Cherelle Renee. As you can see, Cherelle Renee is the Jane of All Trades Hair!

To learn more about Cherelle Renee or see more pictures visit her website at www.CherelleRenee.net or Instagram @CherelleReneeHair or Twitter @CherelleRenee. For bookings or inquiries email Cherelle at Cherellereneehair@gmail.com

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