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Harold House Moore has BEen a very busy man since we here at BE Entertained last had the chance to talk with him. Since then, he has risen rapidly on the TV scene with his role as the “Wildcard/Ladies Man” Terrence on VH1’s former show Single Ladies. Women quickly fell in love with House’s character. He’s the handsome, well dressed, but still kinda still rough around the edges type of guy, and his smooth voice and fit body only made the ladies want to see more from this gentleman. House was recently in Atlanta and gave BE an update on everything going on the world of Harold House Moore.

house-3So House catch us up on what has happened since we last spoke?: “Last year I was doing a show called NYC22 with Robert Dinero on CBS, the show didn’t get renewed, so after that I had already done some guest spots on the second season of Single Ladies and as soon as my availability opened itself the producers called me and we talked about the direction of the show”. I had  gotten offers to do other projects, but I was familiar with the direction and connection that single ladies had obtained with its viewers. The women audience especially drew me in and I saw this would BE a great chance to put myself out there as a leading man on a TV show and would progress to me being looked at as the lead. The show was bigger and had bigger expectations this season, more actors( Letoya Luckett & Damien Wayans) were added to the already great roster (DB Woodsibe, LisaRaye, Charity Shea).  I’m definitely satisfied with the outcome of the show”.

Tell us, in your words, how would you descriBE Terrence ? Are House and the same?: “I put some of my own characteristics into Terrence, but it was from different stages of my life and career”. “Terrence was a lot like me when I first got into acting. I was about the business. Females, as much as I love them, they didn’t take precedence over my mission and what I was trying to obtain. He was a wildcard! He was unpredictable and ambitious. I think the reason why people gravitated towards him is BEcause he brought that element of realness that a lot of us can relate to whether you know him as a cousin, uncle, brother or that n*gga around the corner. He just had all the elements. I like his approach, personally he is more of a doer, like, he is the “go-getter” and people may have seen that as edgy and temperamental, but that’s the type of men I grew up around. The men I had in my life didn’t play around, they got right to it”.

When asked to give his dream role, House told BE:I’m in a process and a weird place in my career now. People don’t quite get that my career is in such a transition and my celebrity has grown from the show rapidly.  There were a lot of people that watched Single Ladies from all races and backgrounds. I’m ready to do a serious action film role. Let me, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, and Will Smith do Bad Boys 3. I’m a physical dude and I love the physicality of action roles, so I think that would BE a dope idea. I know Kevin is down, that’s the homie; we just need Will, Martin, and Jamie to agree and get that thing going.”

Now you know we had to ask the “Ladies Man” about what else… WOMEN: “I did the Ultimate Ladies Weekend recently and heard women discussing how men are less attracted to successful women and one of the things I had to say to them was, I don’t know what type of men ya’ll talk to, but a real man is never intimidated by a successful woman who got her own”.

So what type of woman does House love?I love successful women. A woman I see myself with has to BE equally as ambitious as me you know. I don’t want a trophy wife. If I fall she can run the empire. I love down-to-earth girls with a good sense of humor. I love a woman with goals and drive. She also should BE in shape, BEcause I’m very athletic and love working out, so I need a girl that can keep up as well.”

We asked House what is the biggest turn off women say/do… and ladies listen close ly BEcause you may need to take notes: “The biggest turn off to me is if I approach you and talk to you and you say something to me like: “Oh, I BEt you say that to all the girls you meet ” or “I’m not doing this…”or “I’m not like every other woman” YOU’RE DONE! I came up to you, so obviously I have an interest, so have the confidence to interact with me as well.”


We couldn’t leave this interview without clearing up this one topic that seemed to make rumor mill headlines: There is a rumor out there about you and a certain lady DJ????   DJ Traci Steele? You want to address it? “I don’t hear rumors! (laughs). No but seriously shout out to the lovely and talented Traci Steele. That’s all I gotta say! We love Traci, she is good people and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

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