Haus Von Eugenia’s #Formation Photo Shoot Competition Winning Model : Coco Williams

Earlier this summer, Haus Von Eugenia partnered with BE Magazine to offer the lovely models of Atlanta an amazing opportunity, to Get Into Formation. The purpose of this shoot was to allow women to explore them ultrafeminine sides and build confidence as well as garner exposure for their respective brands. Haus Von Eugenia is constantly working with models in the Atlanta area, sculpting their desire to model through shoots, castings, training, and all around business acumen.

It is our pleasure to introduce the Haus Von Eugenia & BE Style #Formation Photo Shot winner, Mrs. Coco Williams. Coco was able to present herself with a great portfolio and delivered during the onsite photo shoot.

Coco ~ a Loctician, Curvy Model, Brand Ambassador, C.E.O. of Kingdom Boss Inc. and founder B.O.S.S. Models Empowerment/Entrepreneur Program. Her goal is not to BEcome a supermodel but instead to BEcome a Super Role Model. Our young people need positive role models to help guide them and show them how to reach their goals and BEcome successful. Kingdom Boss Inc. and B.O.S.S. Models was birthed from the needs of all the people Coco has come in contact with while styling, modeling, and counseling. So many clients confided in her about their needs and hardships that she felt compelled to help. “My Dream is to help make your Dreams Reality, in doing so my Dream BEcomes Reality!” She resides in Demopolis, AL with her husband Gary and 3 children. Coco’s goal is to show that dreams really are attainable you just have to have faith, work hard, BE dedicated and consistent. Don’t BE afraid to take that first step. You never know what the future holds. God is good and we are blessed!!

After winning this year’s competition, we had an opportunity to chat on-on-one with Coco Williams.


BEStyle:  What are the needs you saw while working with clients that inspired you to start your companies?
Coco: I saw that basic everyday education on life and resources were not readily available to lower and middle-class members of society. I would hear individuals sitting around and discussing the lack in our communities and their hardships. I saw how they had BEcome stagnant and allowed their dreams and ambition die. Everyone saw the issues but no one knew how to implement change or wasn’t willing to act. So I went to God in prayer and he gave me the vision of Kingdom Boss Inc. Outreach Program, that is a bridge from lack to prosperity, providing all necessary training, education, and assistance needed to help turn Dreamz II Reality so the people can experience true prosperity God way.

The following services of are offered:
After school Tutoring
B.O.S.S. Models Empowerment/ Entrepreneur Program
Childcare Services
Discovering your God-given Purpose
Financial Literacy Classes- Financial Planning and Savings Program
Jobs Training and Placement
KB Food Pantry and Clothes Closet
Life Skills Classes
Marriage Classes
Parenting Classes
Rent and Utility Assistance
Kingdom B.O.S.S. Homes- Teen Pregnancy/ Single Mother’s Home, Homeless Assistance, Homeownership program
Transportation Service
Youth Mentoring Program: 5 Star BOSS

BEStyle: How have you BEen able to impact the lives of those within your reach? 
Coco: God has used me to invest, inspire and empower individuals to get up, dream again and put forth action to turn that Dreamz II Reality.

BEStyle: What is it about the BEauty  & fashion industries that drive you?
Coco: I’ve always BEen a part of the BEauty & fashion industry. I grew up in a BEauty salon… my mother, grandmother, and uncle were all very successful cosmetologists. They BEgan putting me in pageants at the age 8, my mother and grandmother made all of my evening gowns so a love for fashion is in my blood embedded in my DNA.
I enjoy showing that fashion is what you make it. Don’t BE afraid to BE Different BE You-nique

BEStyle: Tell us about your roles in both Kingdom Boss Inc. & K- B.O.S.S Models.
Coco: I am the visionary leader: As individuals join the Boss Family I evaluate each one making sure they see and understand the vision/direction of KB. Then determine where their gifts and talents will be BEst used then put them in that position to ensure their success and the success of our organization.

BEStyle:  Do you think aspiring models are given a false sense of reality when it comes to this business? 
Coco: I don’t BElieve they are given a false sense of reality but they do have a false sense. Modeling is fun, you meet lots interesting and enterprising individuals. Many Aspiring models think it’s easy money and all you have to do is BE cute which is false. It requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and investment in order to launch your career.

BEStyle:  Why do you feel it’s important to reach back inspire others in your footsteps?
Coco: Yes, it’s always important to reach back not only to inspire but to actually give back and help the next person turn their Dreamz II Reality. We are blessed to BE a blessing to others; no one makes it to the top alone. You receive opportunities and assistance from others along the way.

BEStyle: How has the industry impacted your life? 
Coco: When I stepped into the industry I had no idea what I was doing or why. A friend of mine convinced me to attend a casting call in Mobile Al. I was so nervous but I did it and was chosen for the show. I stepped on the stage to walk and I felt like I walked through a portal into another chapter of my life. Then the vision God gave me BEcame crystal clear, I felt I BElonged in the fashion and entertainment industry. Doors of opportunity BEgan to open for me. I was catapulted forward many industry professionals BEgan taking me under their wing, teaching me the ins and out of the industry from photographers, designers, models, MUA, event planners, to vendors. I BElieve I stepped into my purpose.

BEStyle: Is there one aspect of your journey that wouldn’t necessarily change but you would approach differently?
Coco: Well truthfully, I wouldn’t change or approach anything differently but I do wish a program like I developed was available to me BEcause I walked into the industry totally naked not knowing what to expect or what to do. Thank God for placing awesome individuals in my life to train and show me the dos and don’ts of the industry.

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BEStyle: Where can our followers find more about  you on social media?

Coco: Facebook Fan Page: Coco Williams

Boss Model IG: @coco_boss_model

Credits: Makeup Artist~Hannah Jackson

Styling: Ebony Chapel Crochet Designs

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