It’s quite refreshing to encounter a hip hop artist/motivational speaker/all around dope dude who’s crazy skilled with the lyrics, but also has the ability to feed more than that itch to BE “SWAGGED-OUT” & to merely consider it cool & extra hip hop to know the newest rap lyrics well BEfore the haters…my bad, the “come-uppers” can even get first dibbs at illegally bootlegging it.

Haziq Ali was a name that I was informally intorduced to well BEfore we actually met & chopped it up in person (you’ll quickly notice that’s a pattern & somewhat a formula for me meeting the BEst & most interesting people in the entertainment industry). He has a huge social networking following & internet marketing presence that when the CEO of the Almost Famous Show, Rovella Williams , first said the name, I knew that he was the artist had been reading about.

Haziq came out to BE Magazine’s Issue XVII Press Day to give us the direct message BEhind the musical power-force known as Haziq Ali. From jump I got a sense of truth BEhind every word that he spoke, which later translated perfectly when I took some time out to actually listen to him spit. Haziq doesn’t necessarily fit into the box of typical conscious rap (which we defintely don’t see as a negative entity). He has a certain elevated ora that he seems to deliver what can BE considered “power-knowledge” hip hop. His music & overall personality naturally digs down in your bones in the way that a 4th grade teacher can infultrate an emerging students’ cerebelum.

Of course we all BElieve BE Magazine to BE a reputable source for the emerging artists, and when you add a stamp by Rovella & Verseus Ent, there’s really no reason to even question the truth in what you’ve read, but for those folks that are as visual as they are verbal, let me show you the skills.

Haziq had a BIG hand in this session of the Almost Famous Show, and couldn’t wait to add an impromptu performance in between his hosting the event along with an Atlanta legend, radio personality DJ Greg Street.

It’s extra pleasing when somebody actually thanks you in return for what you’re trying to do for them & their career. Haziq came to Press Day with a humble spirit (he also got caught up in that infamous carrot cake that BE Featured artist, celebrity gossip blogger/tv host Gyant of Gyant Unplugged TV couldn’t even resist) and even lent a listening ear when doing our one-on-one interview, which isn’t common with the standard emerging starving artist (which again isn’t a negative since they are often times too limited in their creative speech allowances & utilize each and every moment given to shine).

You’ll definitely want to check out Haziq Ali…he’s defintely the NEXT to blow, so you want to already BE on his wave lengths & stand firm on his positive musical & life platform.

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