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My name is Kayla Jones also known as Gigi Lefaux, it’s my BElief that everyone should have an alter ego: take BEyonce’ for example, she is Sasha Fierce! As a child growing up, I was athletic and played any sport that I could participate in throughout my community to stay active and at the same time I was BEing told to model from strangers to family members. I heard it quite often in my adolescent years and honestly didn’t know of any resources to help kick-start my interest. I am originally from a city in Arkansas known for its gambling casinos and horse racing which makes up most of the revenue. Its safe to say there aren’t any Debbie Allen Dance Academy or The Bailey Agency School of Fashion nearby.

I managed to earn a full scholarship in Women’s basketball and achieve a free education but nothing worth having comes easy and everything takes hard work. There are no shortcuts. After college, I found a corporate job and relocated to Dallas where I began to attend fashion shows, red carpet events, galas, photo shoots, gallery openings and business brunches with a very close-knit group of friends. I really started to have more appreciation for the Arts: whether in music to theater to poetry to modeling to acting.

After working so diligently in my career and BEing persistent, I realized that a cubicle is a dream killer. By this time, I had already accepted another job and relocated to Atlanta this time, while staying on a friends couch. One morning after meditating, it all hit me at once to create Highway 7 Booking Agency. I wanted to follow my desires and provide an outlet for an art that I was told to pursue but lacked resources. I represent independent artists, musicians, comedians, actors and aspiring models.

Interstate 7 is the longest running highway through the state of Arkansas and now the name of my booking agency, representing the road to success and connecting individuals wanting to explore the road less traveled because its NEVER crowded.


LinkedIn: Kayla Jones

Twitter: @gigil043

IG: @gigi_lefaux


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