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If the internet is any indication of When you perform a Google search, he falls right under Hurricane Katrina. But unlike the now-infamous tragedy in 2005, Hurricane Chris is ready to make 2009 his year. Since his debut in 2007 with 51/50 Ratchet, Mr. Chris Dooley Jr. has worked to better position himself to become a household name. He dropped three strong singles on Ratchet, which showcased his lyrical dexterity and ability to make strong club anthems (“A Bay Bay” and “Hand Clap”), as well as show his softer side (“Playas Rock”) With a new mixtape released on July 13th with fellow Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie titled Bad Azz Hurricane (listen to mixtape below), and a new album Unleashed set to drop August 18th, BE Magazine caught up with Chris to discuss his evolution, his future goals, and his ongoing search to locate the man who opened the door to his professional career. He was in Texas promoting his red-hot single and upcoming album. “I’ve been doing this every since I was a kid,” proclaims Chris when we asked him about his work and success.  Check out the interview below:

BE Magazine: I know you’re signed to J Records – how did you meet [legendary label head and music pioneer] Clive Davis?

Hurricane Chris: Clive is who I had to audition for to get my deal. After he signed me we started going to parties to get my name out there and it just went from there.

BE Magazine: What can we expect on Unleashed?

Hurricane Chris: My first album was like my freshman album. The difference between a freshman and a sophomore in school is he ain’t too comfortable being a freshman in the hallways now. Being a sophomore, he knows how to skip and how not to get caught – he’s comfortable. He’s learned. My sophomore album lets you know that I’m ready to takeover the game. I got a single with Sean Kingston it’s called “So Excited” it’s on that rhythm it’s gon hit u where it hurt on that dance vibe and I got another single it’s called “Rock A Lay” just get ready. [CONTINUED BELOW]

BE: Who else can we expect?

Chris: I got Busta Rhymes, I got Beenie Man, Ludacris, [Lil] Boosie, Cherish, Bobby Valentino, Plies, Mario, it’s serious.

BE: Your last couple of performances (BET Awards pre-show and Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 13) saw you bring a lot of energy to the stage!

Chris: I see a lot of cats up here on stage and they get up there and think they too cute to move. And the people they don’t wanna see that – get up there and get ratchet wit it!

BE: What’s your relationship like with Mr. Collipark today?

Chris: Actually I ain’t I talked to him since I talked “Hand Clap” video or seen him. If anyone seen him, let me know!

BE: What’s your take on the Auto Tune vs. anti-Auto Tune movement?

Chris: If it sound good and the fans like it then anyone that got something to say about any type of music they hatin. Definitely stay in your lane but reckognize you got a billion kids with ringtones on their phones that they love.

BE: What did Michael Jackson mean to you?

Chris: There’s so much stuff on TV right now, sometimes I have to turn it off. But it’s a big loss. Imma always miss Mike he was a pioneer from hip hop performing to to walking on stage holding your pants groups come out still imitatin Mike’s stuff.

BE: Any other projects you workin’ on?

Chris: I got a mixtape [released 7/13/09] with Boosie coming out called Bad Azz Hurricane.

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