I Am A Queen Productions “Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m BEautiful” Panel

Yesterday, I was privileged to BE a part of Queen Aftan Williams’ I Am A Queen Productions Welcome to the Queendom: Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m BEautiful, a youth inspired program for girl from 10-18 years old. I was a memBer of the panel discussion touching on important issues like self esteem, the BEauty in all skin colors, and how men look at women based on their outward looks and/or their inner BEauty. We also tackled a lot of the key items that plague young African American girls…topics like obesity, family love and acceptance, self-respect, as well as always maintaing a positive self image, both inside and out.

The program was held at Licquid Event Lounge in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill District & was very well attended by a numBEr of young ladies and their families. This was truly an open discussion, where the kids got the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the panel. Other esteemed panel memBErs included J.Ahmad (Zone 4 Inc. singer/songwriter), Tawni Fears (DTP/Journalist), Joshua King (Celebrity Publicist), and Melissa Mitchell (Abstinence Advocate/Philanthropist). Clay West (Zone 4 Inc/Cancers 4 A Cause) was also on hand to uplift the young “queens” by co-hosting the program with Queen Aftan.

For more visit: http://www.wix.com/yesiamaqueen/I-Am-A-Queen-Royalty-Productions

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