Terrance Nichols, as he describes himself, is “home grown and raised in Tennessee where the crops are good” emerging model and actor, whom now a resident in Atlanta, GA. With always having the passion and desire to act on film, he sought out the modeling industry as a catalyst to start his career. Over the past few years, modeling has afforded Terrance the opportunity to become other characters and personalities hence helping him enhance his acting skills. As a result of the exposure and notoriety in modeling, he has recently obtained roles in two Indie Films with more works to come. I had to privilege of conversing with Mr. Nichols about his passion and outlook on the future.

BE:-Style: While growing up in Chattanooga, was acting what you always wanted to do?
TN: Yes, I honestly didn’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve always known that I wanted to be on film. I started pursuing this passion more as I grew into my teenage years. I began doing playing and stage performance in my home town which also led to me having to learn to sing – in the larger productions.

BE-Style: In moving to Atlanta, has the path for you led to more acting opportunities?
TN: Even though, Chattanooga is only a few hours away, the Atlanta industry has definitely opened more doors for me. If it wasn’t for God and his faithfulness, even when I’m not, many of what has happened would not have come my way. I would not have started modeling, had God not presented to me in the first place.

BE-Style: How long have you been actively modeling?
TN: Wow, it has been 4 ½ years thus far. Not to toot my own horn, it has definitely bcome something in which I am a natural. The fact that I am not they traditional or conventional.

BE-Style: Are there any photographers that you would to work with?
TN: Oh wow, I would be honored to work with Rick Day, Carlos Arias, Loretta Houston, and of course, I would love to work Derek Blanks.

BE-Style: Has it been easier for you to break out as a model or an actor?
TN: Well, because I am not your typical model, I’m only 5’8, it has been suprisingly easier for me to book jobs as a model. That’s why I do love doing editoral work because it is more about the delivery on set versus my height being a major issue. But God’s favor definitely has played a role in my acting career starting to pick up.

BE-Style: How do you maintain your well-toned physique?
TN: For me, working out is my drug of choice. I have to get it in at least everyday.

BE-Style: What is your favorite time of year for ad campaigns and personal style?
TN: I think of myself as a very trendy person so the fall/winter months are my favorite. I love the GAP and Guess ad campaigns. I get excited when I see the commercials and campaigns because that is how I dress on a daily basis. I wear hoodies and layers all the time, very comfortable and easy.

BE-Style: Any words for aspiring actors and/or models?
TN: Always stay trued to yourself, regardless of what it is. If you try to be something that you are not, you will never accomplish what is destined for you. And be mindful of who to keep at the head of everything you do.

Contact info: terrancejn@yahoo.com

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