I Thrive I Survive Celebrates World AIDS Day

The Thrive SS Foundation is celebrating World AIDS Day 2017 with their new up close and personal I THRIVE • I SURVIVE Campaign proudly displaying quotes from survivors & those directly affected by HIV/AIDS.

“On today, DecemBEr 1st, we are reminded to rememBEr, acknowledge and honor those who have succumBEd to HIV/AIDS related ailments, as well as those who continue to THRIVE.

THRIVE SS’ anti-stigma campaign is meant to showcase those who dare to Transform HIV Resentments Into Victories Everlasting. In a sea of HIV-Stigma, judgement, misinformation and violence, living firmly in one’s truth can be a tall task.” [Source: Facebook.com/LarryLScottWalker]

Happy World AIDS DAY!

Photo Credit: Kevin Kenner
Graphics: Jon Gabriel Ortiz

For more information visit THRIVESS.ORG for lots more including ways to make sure you know your status.

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